Mobile Phones from 1980s
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If you’re not using, you’re house hunting in the 80’s. This is one of the funniest advertised about mobile phones I’ve seen in 10 years. Maybe I was fortunate because my first phone was an Ericsson and very small by comparison. What embarrasses me now, looking back, is how often I used to carry

Oscar Pistorius website undergoes PR makeover
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Oscar Pistorius’s official website,, has had a massive revamp in recent days. This is thanks to a PR drive his team launched after he was accused of killing Reeva Steenkamp. Pistorius’s family have decided to devote his official website to the latest news about developments as well as messages of support they are constantly

Imagine the Possibilities
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Imagine The Possibilities – Turning Nothing Into Something. Jim Rohn was a legend. It was only after he died that his style, his passion and his sincerity began to touch me. There is something poetic about the way he speaks. This is an excerpt from one of his lectures. If you feel like you have

Yusuf Moses: Persistance To A Motivated Life
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This is the story of my friend Yusuf Moses, one of the most motivated people I’ve ever met. After years of ups and downs, he is now a respected ABET teacher, happily married father of two daughters. When we first met he worked in a factory building components for Volkswagen South Africa: Uitenhage, in the

Three Ways To Deal With Boredom
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A while ago I wrote an article about how SMS relieve loneliness, stress and depression. The same advice applies well to boredom in general. John Taylor Gatto first alerted me to the pandemic of boredom in public schools. This is a cause for concern both in children and in teachers. Everyone has felt bored at

Three Tips on How You Can Successfully Change Your Career
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Have you hit that point in your career where you just are sick and tired of what it is you’re doing? Maybe you feel like you’re never going to get the promotion you deserve, or maybe you just can’t stand the monotony of your job. Whatever the reason is, it’s time for a career change

MTN to ditch BIS
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Surely after this becomes the norm there is no good reason to own a BlackBerry device in South Africa. Since BlackBerry 10 will not support BIS or unlimited Internet for a fixed monthly cost, now is the time to look for alternatives. We recommend moving to 8ta who offers the best pre-paid data bundles. Here’s

Celebrating Safer Internet Day 2013
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Today I was interviewed by Lotus FM part of the SABC in Durban, South Africa. Lotus FM is targeted at the Indian market through their cultural focussed programming content. So it was a real surprise they called me to discuss Safer Internet Day. This takes place on the second day of the second week of

How Digital Platforms Will Transform Brain Health in 2013
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Compared to physical fitness, the fitness of the brain is often overlooked by both individuals and health systems, but it is easy to see positive and broad changes on how brain health is defined, monitored, maintained, and enhanced across the lifespan, and digital platforms are going to play a key role. Here are 10 pre­dic­tions,