author Jess Miller Energy Thieves seriesJess Miller has been my friend since the year 2000 when we made contact via an email discussion forum on the Internet. He’s book, HOW TO BEAT THE ENERGY THIEVES – Book 2, is a series of helpful advice you would expect from a dear friend. He’s wisdom is steeped in a deep resonance with the complexities of this world, and how to simplify it.

When I began reading this book, I found it easy and practical. There were elements which stand out like the format, which is not exactly like the chapters in other books. It is wonderful in the way it feels like a conversation from beginning to end. As a self published author I know he has experimented with different formats and layouts, and this really works.

The focus of Book 2 is emotions, food, people, major problems, traumas, how to win. The wording of the book is carefully chosen to avoid bias for or against a particular religion or belief system. It’s only the stark contrast of the words “good” and “evil” that raised my eyebrows when considering the stand point of the author.

Maybe the best part of this book is the many examples it uses to illustrate the impact of the energy thieves. A profound realisation came over me when I read the section on arguments – clearly there is wisdom when you realise both parties in an argument loose energy, and the thief in this instance is the argument itself. This is a fundamental principal of conflict resolution as I discovered in the work of Colman McCarthy, the founder for the Centre of Teaching Peace in Washington DC.

As I’ve know the author for many years now, I recognised his sense of humour. “He once told me five lies in one sentence.” he wrote in the section on Lying. In another life time Jess Miller could have made a great scriptwriter in Hollywood. Maybe not. The empathy you find in his writing pours out of every page whenever he makes a reference to helping other people.

Just recently I felt some melancholy on a daily basis. The moment I put that aside and opened myself up to helping another person in need, I felt like my system had a reboot. Towards the end of the book he provides a comprehensive list of another 50 ways to help someone.