Recently I told someone on Twitter lying is more fun than telling the truth. This was after listing to Jon Rappoport talk about one of his imagination exercises. They are meant to stimulate your imagination through story telling.

In these imagination exercises you get together with a group of people and you tell each other outrageous lies. All this stimulates the imagination to Exit the Matrix. I am confident that lying has been given a terribly bad name simply because it’s equated with deception. Deception is one of those most-human of things we do. Remember the Art of War, or the Art of Seduction?

Deception can become a preoccupation for a con man, also known as a confidence man or confident man. That is a man who is so confident in his lies that you believe what he sold you it. At this point I beg to differ, you have not been sold a lie.

When you think about being sold a lie, you’re attempting to push the blame onto another person for your choices. Have you been sold a lie? No, but maybe you have bought a lie.

More often than not you have lied to yourself. This is indeed a form of self-deception. You’ve made a choice, taken a decision, and it’s not had the desired outcome. What’s maybe the easiest thing to do? It is to claim you’ve been deceived, that you have been sold a lie like the promises of politicians.

So in this age of big brother government and lying politicians it’s very easy to seek a scape goat. No my friend, you’ve bought into the lie. You believed the politician, the government, the news reports, the media, the advertising, lock, stock and barrel.

What is this lie they tell you? The promise of a better tomorrow as Adam Curtis eloquently shows in the Power of Nightmares. Like the Father we never had who takes care of everything. He takes care of you from your happiness to your home. Making law after law that compels you do be happy, to be content, to be complacent and compliant really.

Whenever you think you’ve got it, you’ve figured out who’s behind the curtain pulling your strings. Step back, and try your best to clear your thinking of preconditioned responses. Maybe you have bought a lie instead of being sold a lie.

It’s easier to change yourself than to change the world. Have you been sold a lie? Think again.