This morning I woke up from a dream that almost like a nightmare. I was crying and I could not help myself because I felt the pain of hopelessness people in Eastern Cape where I was born and raised. This province usually ranks as poorest in GDP, worst in public schooling and endless corruption in local governments. Why do we need politicians?

Recently I read a story on social media that got my blood boiling.

Politicians in local governments want an increase to R1.2 million per year for their salary currently over R400,000 per year. Those on the Mayoral Committee earn about R800,000 per year. So what’s wrong with this picture? Their bloated salaries are an insult to the poor.

Imagine my father, a pensioner earning about R1,300 per month. The Marikana miners now earn over R11,000 per month. So ward councillors earn about 3 times more than mine workers. Forget about the other benefits and freebies that come with their power positions.

The arrogance of these lines and cheats are unbelievable. They make the rules by voting for laws to benefit themselves. When you outsource the leadership of your community to politicians, you get what you deserve. Are you angry yet?

Why don’t you get angry when they abuse their power? Maybe it’s because you don’t event know what the hell they are doing.

Why don’t you vote them out office in next local elections? Maybe you believe better the devil that you know than the one you don’t know.

Why do you accept the status quo? Maybe it’s because of decades of group behavior. The individual in society is truly a lost cause as Jon Rappoport so eloquently writes.

You either don’t care or don’t want to rock the boat.

Only when you become angry, will you stop others from abusing you. While you remain passive aggressive, the status will remain. A wise man once said silence is akin to acceptance.