Three books recommended by John Taylor Gatto

John Taylor Gatto Teacher Author Here are three books recommended by John Taylor Gatto. You can skip to 1:41:14 to hear his quick summary of the three books after a question about Ayn Rand and Liberterians. This is taken from a CSPAN lecture, “Examples of Read More →

Crowdfunding update: Jesse February Film

Jesse February chess player This is my first crowdfunding campaign update on the Indiegogo platform. Thank you for being a part of our incredible journey to bring “Film About Chess Champion From South Africa” to life. Before we launched, we didn’t know who else Read More →

A Russian Perspective on Gender Roles vs LGBT madness

Gender Roles South Africa In recent years we’ve seen the rise of gender as a social construct and gender roles have become blurred. Gender and sex are often used interchangeably. According to the dictionary, gender is a category into which sexually-reproducing organism are divided Read More →

Help fund this Film about Jesse February

Jesse February chess player You may support my crowdfunding campaign here. In 2013 I started filming a documentary about the Uitenhage Chess Festival. This event was organised by, Elizabeth Muller and Maria Diedericks for about 12 years. They have both since retired, and so Read More →

5 Reasons Why You Should Use Firefox Web Browser

Mozilla Firefox web browser Most Internet users do not pay attention to the web browser they use. This app comes preinstalled on most devices, whehter it’s a laptop or a smartphone. The purpose of a web browser is to allow to do exactly what Read More →

Why Unemployment Must Fall in Eastern Cape?

World Without Boundaries My dream is to create 2 million jobs over 20 years. This is the driving force behind the Unemployment Must Fall campaign. For years I’ve helped people by giving them short internships in my company. Some of them like Cheston Read More →