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The purpose of this survey is to understand and establish trends driving the growing Online Dating market in South Africa. This survey will allow us to discern the habits of Online Dating users as well as evaluate the different business models within this industry. We also contrast the South African market and American markets to

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Almost a quarter million South Africans have used online dating services – and those who engage in it take it very seriously. This is one of the key findings in The NETucation Report: Online Dating in South Africa 2004. According to the survey conducted in June 2004 by NETucation, an independent Internet Marketing company, 67%

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Dan Sullivan, an expert on Entrepreneurship advocates that people in the 21 Century will be forced to become multidimensional people. This essentially means that to be successfully people have to continue growing. I’ve just realized that even in relationships we must continue to grow or else it will end, one way or another; from our

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This is my first attempt at regular blogging. I began blogging on Blogger.com and eventually moved to my own domain, and after several hosting companies have now settled on Hostgator. The best movies out this week is obviously the swash buckling Pirates Of The Caribbean with Johnny Depp, one of the most versatile actors in