Cyber Infidelity – The New Seduction

Dr Eve Marlene Wasserman South Africa Online dating is one of those things that the Internet was made for: People trying to meet people for love and sex in the supposed privacy of their homes. Cyber Infidelity is a book by Dr Eve, who’s real name Read More →

Book 2 – How To Beat The Energy Thieves

author Jess Miller Energy Thieves series Jess Miller has been my friend since the year 2000 when we made contact via an email discussion forum on the Internet. He’s book, HOW TO BEAT THE ENERGY THIEVES – Book 2, is a series of helpful advice you Read More →

Twitter for Good – Rlabs in social media book

Marlon Parker is the founder of a ground breaking NGO in Cape Town, RLabs. He deserves to Nobel Peace Prize for the work he is doing in the Cape Flats using technology for social change. At the very least he Read More →

The Ownership of All Life

The is a scary book. Not in the sense of a thriller or horror but in the facts presented by the author. Jon Rappoport has a way of weaving together stories and threads to make a difficult topic like genetic Read More →

Reuel Leach reviews Conquer CyberOverload

This week my friend Reuel Leach, who first published this report on Cellular Costs in South Africa, reviews a book sent me a while ago. We both are avid users of technology and enjoy helping people get more from real Read More →

Network Marketing-It's an Asset, Not a Job – By Robert Kiyosaki

NB! After several years of experimenting with Herbalife and Amway I have reversed my decision to invest more time and effort into network marketing. So before you read this book below, read this piece: WHY NETWORK MARKETING SUCKS by Gary Read More →