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Everyone in business has heard of the SOHO – Small Office Home Office. Now make way for the NOHO – Small Office No Office. The concept is introduced in a new book released today, “The Mobile Office”, by pioneering technology writer Arthur Goldstuck. The book is sub-titled “The essential small business guide to office technology”,

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Henry Ford, while appearing as a trial witness, was badgered by an attorney who tried to discredit his testimony by calling his education into question. Mr. Ford was asked a few questions about American history which any high school student could easily answer, and when he did not know the answers, it placed the attorney

Buying The Secret in South Africa is a bad idea!
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Last week I went to purchase some ink for my Lexmark printer at CNA. While there I asked the saleslady whether they had a copy of The Secret DVD (not the book!). As it turns out they were sold out. But what really shocked me was the retail price of R450! That is about US$65

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This is an important book because it outlines a cause to so many problems, that is so pervasive it goes unnoticed by the vast majority of people. Television was only introduced in South Africa in 1975, as it happens the year I was born, because the Apartheid government saw a threat to itself loosing control.

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A long time ago I read a book by the Indian mystic Osho: Love, Freedom & Aloneness – The Koan on Relationships. This is one of those rare gems that explains and perhaps introduces you to the authentic love that is sorely missing from life. The taboo that is sex, the misunderstandings about love, and

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I’ve been checking out Take2 for a long time because its prices are just the best in South Africa. Take2 is one of those online retail stores like Kalahari.net and the international poster boy Amazon.com which offers a selection of books, music CDs, DVDs and other products. What I really love about Take2 is that

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This section is based on the famous Dale Carnegie book, although I’m not going to give you the advice from his book because it is outdated when you consider the tremendous changes in society over the last 30 years, especially since the feminist revolution. So many people who reach 30+ complain that all their friends

Rober Cialdini's Weapons of Influence
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Ever heard of the Influence: The Psychology of Persuasion by Dr Rober Cialdini? This is one of the most important business books ever written for leaders and people in sales and marketing. This is a book to read once a year to remind if yourself how to build authority and influence because it’s not common

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This book is a must read for any man living in the world today. And for any mother who wants to know what to do with her son, most especially if she is raising him as a single mother. This strikes a real cord with me because I grew up with a single mother ?

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When I first began hearing of Deepak Chopra, I did not think to much of him. My best friend Nathaniel recommended The Seven Spiritual Laws of Success: A Practical Guide to the Fulfillment of Your Dreams a long time ago but I’ve yet to read it. So recently I picked up this book on sale