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Apologies for the inconvenience with the 27Dinner being postponed from September to October. Everything has been confirmed and we’re going ahead full steam with regular 27Dinner events in Nelson Mandela Bay. We should do at least 4 during 2010, one every 3 months. This month we’re hosting a very special 27Dinner event in Port Elizabeth.

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Today I received this email from my friends @ TED.com Dear TEDizens, A TED Prize wish is about to be granted. We’d love you to participate. On September 27th, 1pm PDT, Karen Armstrong, joined by the Dalai Lama and three other Nobel laureates, will unveil plans for the launch of the Charter for Compassion. The

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Ramon Thomas & Faces of Hope Foundation presents special charity movie screening of “The Ultimate Gift.” The event promises to have a host of exciting activities to look forward to and you are supporting a good cause while doing so. As South Africa’s leading expert on the psychology of technology & dating in the 21st

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I make models Miss South Africa, businessmen get onto CNBC Africa, unpublished authors gets published or how to make one hell of a profit and still get to heaven. My most recent experience includes a strong focus on life coaching models, businessmen, heads of business schools, PR companies, Marketing Directors and even sales training for

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The title of this book is so delicious I didn’t bother coming up with a different title for this blog post. I’ve know Donna McCallum for some time now and we’ve both been to each other’s workshops. This was actually one of the best lines for me at her book launch party because the reaction

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In a perfect world, the Internet would automatically shield children from contact with questionable content and dangerous people. Unfortunately, nobody exercises complete control over the online world in any centralized manner. What is considered illegal in one country may not even be considered an issue in another. This danger has been extended to free-for-all mobile

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EDx: Banishing the Mundane from the Center of Accra TEDxSYPALA – Trials, Tribulations & TRIUMPH We just successfully completed West Africa’s first TEDx event. Tedx.Sypala.org (more images and videos to be uploaded over next couple of days). It was embedded into IMANI’s (www.imanighana.com) annual SYPALA program which brings rising young professionals from across the West

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Marlon Parker will be visiting Port Elizabeth this week to present an inspirational talk at the regular 27Dinner event this Thursday in Port Elizabeth. The 27Dinner events are free events where geeks and non-geeks get together and discuss technology. The purpose of the 27Dinner events is to create awareness about how technology can be used

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Every year business leaders, industry and faculty experts come to the IKM Conference to share their knowledge, learn and network. True to the theme of this year’s conference, “Shaping the Future”, presenters will offer cutting-edge knowledge based on relevant, innovative and rigorous research. Come and listen to reflections, estimations and predictions on the coming transformation

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The 2008 MyBroadband Conference will take place on 27 November at Vodaworld from 10:00 to 16:30. Thanks to the generous sponsorships from Vodacom, Axxess, Poynting, Miro Distribution, Vox Telecom and ECN Telecoms, the conference will be free to all delegates. Vodacom has even thrown in a free lunch and then drinks after the conference. It’s