• Reducing Technology Stress in a Wireless World

    You are invited to a this event hosted by Ramon Thomas in association with BulkSMS. These briefings have been designed to be fully interactive and will be looking at real-life examples, common mistakes and effective ways to reduce technology stress in a wireless world. The cellphone has become an indispensable part of our working life,…
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  • TEDAfrica in Cape Town opens for registration

    I learned from Erik Hersman over at that TEDAfrica is open for registration. This is technically the 2nd TED conference in Africa, although its the 1st to named TEDAfrica, a new annual conference focussed on bringing together the Cheetah generation with global visionaries in one mega conference. I also echo his sentiments that if…
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  • Announcing the next TED Africa 2008 in Cape Town!

    It seemed that all discussions around the next TED Africa had gone quiet. Now I get this email in my Inbox and the excitement from Tanzania returns with thunder! Wow I knew Cape Town is a good choice, but I’m biased because I spend so much time there. Anyway read my own blogging from TEDGlobal…
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  • Get Ahead in your Career, Work and Job Update

    My friend Yusuf Mahomedy invited me to join his next seminar: WORKSUCKS, MAKE WORK WORK EXPRESS 2007. Get Ahead in your Career, Work & Job like never before. Do you really want to take charge of your career before 2007 ends?Are you ready to create your work success with stuff that is not available to…
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  • Breast Cancer Awareness Month Fundraiser Event

    Learn the Secrets about Cancer the Pharmaceutical Industry does Not want You to Know About Join me for an informative and entertaining video screening at the Preview Theatre. I will be screening two interviews from Conscious Media Network to raise awareness on Cancer and raise funds for Women of Vision. You will learn about alternative…
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  • Sexpo 2007 Workshop Schedule

    DAY 3 (Saturday, 29 September) 11:30 – 1:00 The Secret DVD viewing 1:15 – 2:15 Learn How to Pole Dance presented by BodyMind Studios 2:30 – 3:30 Sex Toys 101 presented by Lola Montez 3:45 – 5:15 Tantric Workshop presented by Jonti Searll 5:30 – 6:30 Datability: Would You Date You? presented by SMARTdate and…
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  • Reflections on 2007 Digital Citizens Indaba

    It’s been a week after the 2nd annual DCI event in Grahamstown. This event is a sidekick to the much larger and more established conference Highway Africa. As with all these types of events it’s layered with good intentions. However, the practical side of it sometimes leaves much room for improvement. The highlights were certainly…
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  • Blog your way to Being an Expert

    This is a summary of the talk and presentation that I delivered at the 2nd annual Digital Citizens Indaba on the Marketing and Monetising panel. My fellow presenters were Laurian Clemence and Matthew Buckland. I started out telling the story of how I attended the 1st DCI conference last year, met Emeka Okafor, and ended…
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  • Ansbert Ngurumo on blogging in Kiswahili

    Ansbert Ngurumo spoke about blogging in Kiswahili in the Fractured Identities session of the Digital Citizens Indaba 2007. This was in some respects one of the most inspiring talks for me because it is in sync with my own views that one of the best solutions to reducing the digital divide is translation of software…
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  • Daudi Were on Blogging and Democracy

    My friend Daudi Were spoke in the Fractured Identities session of the 2007 Digital Citizens Indaba. We first met last year at the DCI and also at TED Global in Tanzania. Daudi is currently organising a African Bloggers conference to be held in Kenya in April/June 2007.