Does Money Buy Happiness?

Does money buy happiness or just a big mansion? This funny video by blogger Victor Pride reminded me to always think differently from what Bill Cooper called “the sheeple!” And so after watching this video, think about it for a Read More →

MTN to ditch BIS

Surely after this becomes the norm there is no good reason to own a BlackBerry device in South Africa. Since BlackBerry 10 will not support BIS or unlimited Internet for a fixed monthly cost, now is the time to look Read More →

Beware: Top 10 Internet scams

Top 10 Internet Scams This article has been republished from The Star newspaper, Johannesburg. Ramon Thomas will be speaking on Channel Islam on Sunday, 18 March 2012 at 10h30 discussing solutions based on 19 years of experience on the Internet. The more advanced the Read More →

Internet Addiction – What Are the Signs?

What Is It? Internet Addiction Disorder or IAD is an impulse control disorder which does not involve use an intoxicating drug and is similar to pathological gambling in many ways. It is online-related compulsive behavior that disrupts and causes Read More →

Using Skype in South Africa To Save Money

Skype is a very useful software application that has been developed for VOIP calls or voice over internet protocol calls. You will be able to reach any person anywhere in the world as long as you have the needed requirements. Read More →

Question about Wirless Internet in South Africa

A Question from a Reader on 16 May 2010 > I will be visiting your country soon. > > What wireless internet options are available in your country.? > > We have a mobile usb flash/modem with 3G wireless and Read More →