More Technology Makes Lazy Humans

Children playing with cellphones Here’s my first interview in 2013 with the Weekend Post newspaper’s John Harvey. LOVE it or hate it, social media is here to stay and will continue to revolutionise the way we communicate. Initially the preserve of well-to-do college students Read More →

Technology Taking Over Family Time

Technology Taking Over Family Time Mail & Guardian’s The Teacher has featured me twice to date. The freelance journalist contacted me in July while I was in Durban and emailed me a long list of questions. Initially I was very upset because it felt like Read More →

15 Minutes with Ramon Thomas

This interview was compiled for a weekly feature in the Daily Dispatch newspaper in East London: Online behaviour expert Ramon Thomas talks to the Dispatch about technology and how it affects you.┬áProfiles will appear at Q: YOU describe yourself Read More →

My Taoism interview with Kate Turkington

A few weeks ago I did my first interview with Kate Turkington on Talk Radio 702 and Cape Talk. My good friend Reuel Leach recorded it for me and emailed me the mp3 file of this interview for download soon Read More →

Algoa Sun interview with Ramon Thomas

The following interview was published on page 8 of the 31 July 2008 issue of the Algoa Sun, a community newspaper in Port Elizabeth. The title for the article was fascinating choice by the editor, The Ethics of IT Dating. Read More →

Link To Your World podcast interview

Recently I was approached to do an interview about the rise of the individual with Link To Your World. Some of the points I discussed was how I moved from working in the corporate sector to starting my own business. Read More →