So close but yet so far

I took a walk tonight just to clear my head. Trying to write 10,000 words for an assignment is no mean task. Well it was around 8pm and the sky in Johannesburg was clear. I tried to identify Orion’s Belt as I have been doing in recent months whenever there is a clear sky. I thought to myself it’s so vast, the sky that is, but yet so simple. It has a calming effect on me. I wish I could become a star gazer and look it more often with a better understanding. Maybe I’ll do that Astronomy for Beginners course from Wits anyway.


Westlife at The Dome in Johannesburg

Went to see the Westlife concert at The Dome in Northgate today. Wow! I never thought much of this boy band and considered them a fad for a while. But hey they’re really slick bunch and the music is very catchy. They put on a great show but sad to say it was a bit short for the money paid. Total show must have been less then 1.5 hours and lets just forget Heinz Winkler opened for them. Who is he again?


Beautiful Cape Town

I spent the last week in Cape Town and I’m heading back to good ol’ Joburg on Sunday. My good friend Russell allowed me to stay with him in Simon’s Town and what a wonderful experience it has been. Sadly he’s boat is being painted and we won’t have a chance to go sailing or diving. But I have my next trip to the mother city to look forward to in April. I was recently appointed to the board of the ICDL Foundation in South Africa and this guarentees monthly visits to Cape Town. Yipee!!


Birthday Braai

Yesterday, Saturday 24 April, I had the best birthday party ever. More then 25 friends and family showed up for my birthday bash! I got several gifts from close friends and two chocolate cakes. People started arriving at 3h20pm and didn’t stop until about 7-8pm. Afterwards some of us went dancing and I finally got home around 2h30am on Sunday morning. Wow! I could not have asked for more then to be around the people I love.


Sean Burke's new video – The Last Dayz

I’ve had the privilege of viewing a new music video by South African musician, Sean Burke.

The video entitled Last Dayz, is Men in Black meets The Matrix. This is superb 3D animation with a big focus on the quality of small details. The video is due to be play listed on MTV and it will be the first time ever a South African music video will be featured on MTV. Sean is certainly breaking new ground with this video and release of his latest album, Eludaquit. On Monday, 27 October 2003, Sean Burke will be featured in the The Star Tonight, the daily entertainment supplement of The Star, Gauteng’s most popular daily newspaper.