Facebook vs MySpace debate keeps moving ahead

Facebook has experienced phenomenal growth in South Africa over the last few months. As recently as early May there was only 25,000 registered users in the South African network on Facebook and that has exploded to over 120,000 as of 2 July. That’s over45,000 new users per month for the last two months. Now I have been a MySpace users for about 18 months or longer. I can’t remember when I signed up. And on MySpace I have almost 500 friends while on Facebook I have almost 50 friends. So a funny thing happened a few months ago that led to register on Facebook, one of my friends Shannon Smith, a model and tv presenter announced abruptly that she was moving to Facebook and invited a whole bunch of people to join her. And several did. The amount of interaction for me on MySpace have decreased a little and there is a flood of interactions on Facebook. In my view I can see why Facebook has become preferred because it’s much cleaner and smoother interface. Where MySpace is riddled with adverts and the screen almost clogged Facebook is refreshing.

So it’s with no surprise I just read this insightful article Facebook = Smart, Rich, Cool; MySpace = Dumb, Poor, Loners? And I concur that MySpace will continue to lead with over 120 million registered users vs Facebook’s 28 million registered users because of it’s deep ties with the Entertainment industry. You may also be interested in my mentor, Arthur Goldstuck’s views on Myspace and Facebook.


Author: RJ Thomas

RJ Thomas is an International Relationship Builder. He was born in South Africa, and moved to China in 2013.

  • Jan


    I experienced the same. There seems to be a major shift towards Facebook after they opened up to more than just college students. They also don’t have usability mess that MySpace got themselves into.
    The debate though seems to distract from other news in the space. LinkedIn, very popular with people trying to stay in touch with former colleagues is trying to battle the Facebook popularity. Ning (http://www.ning.com) allows everyone to create a personal social network and Konnects (http://www.konnects.com) announced that professional organizations can now create their social network online as well. But what happened to the old guys like Friendster?

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  • Lester Steenkamp

    Shannon Smith is gorgeous, so jealous shes ur mate, maybe u can make a plan and introduce me to her!!!!

    Im gonna find her on Facebook now and add her!

  • I’ve invited you to LinkedIn. Just view my friends to find Shannon and other hot babes !-)