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[This blog entry has been edited and updated on 9 Sep 2007]

Cape Town bloggers Rafiq Phillips uses MXit offering customer support for his idrive.co.za project. This idea can save small businesses money if they consider the implications – offering a support contact on MXit which can be accessible from any cellphone anywhere in South Africa (currently over 5 million users and growing at 13,000 new users per day). With some software development this service could be linked up with a call centre, if one already exists, and give clients the option of contacting your call centre via MXit.

Secondly today I met with Childline Gauteng to discuss a potential partnership to promote online safety more widely and through their regional offices. Laurie Butgereit, a researcher from Meraka Institute, part of the CSIR was also at the meeting. I was completely blown away by their project, Dr Math, which offers learning support and tutoring through MXit . The pilot at one school in the North West province is growing daily in numbers. For now the focus is on Mathematics but this mobile education programme will be rolled out with science and other subjects in future.

With this project educators can begin to warm up to MXit in new and interesting ways. And I’m looking forward to innovative ways to continue where William Smith left off.

* special note
add any of the numbers 27799923960-9 as a MXit contact to access Dr Math.


Author: RJ Thomas

RJ Thomas is an International Relationship Builder. He was born in South Africa, and moved to China in 2013.

  • natsha

    i use to have mxit on my phone now im in the us i want to chat via mxit now i want to no ifg i can get it on my pc

    • To get your MXit Pin Number SMS ‘pin’ to 34006 from the cell/mobile number you initially registered when you register for the MXit service. Once you’ve sent the sms with the message ‘pin’ to 34006 you will receive a response with your MXit pin number. There is no other way to get your MXit pin number at the moment. So, unless you are using the phone number you originally registered for the mxit service you’re screwed.

  • Mark

    Hi there,

    My daughter has a V 3 motorola, she has recently downloaded mxit version 5. She put in a four digit code(which is wrong it should be six or more digits). Now we cannot log on cause of the wrong pin (not long enough) How can we rectify the problem. Where will the short cut be stored to log onto mxit.

    Kind regards

  • catherine

    How to register mxit internationally

  • To download MXit go to this WAP address on your cellphone’s browser: http://www.mxit.co.za/wap

    The company is releasing a PC version of the software soon. In the mean time you can download instruction on how to run MXit on a PC here.

  • Hestia Kuhn

    My daughter has a Samsung D600 and has been unable to connect to MXit. When she lock in it
    says reconnecting. Her GPRS settings is correct.
    She is on MTN.

  • For any specific advice on makes and models of cellphones please go look at the MXit Forum section here.

  • jarryd


  • Please go to this website to see a video of how to run MXit on a PC.

  • shameema jones

    I had mxit bt da sim i usd 2 regstr wit is nw lost. Ive bn usin mxit wit my lost numb bt nw i 4gt my pin… N i cnt sms coz i dnt hav dat sim crd nemre, Is dr neway i cn gt it bk? Plz help id lyk my mxit bk…

  • pieter

    I have a an nokia 5500 and when i download mxit, it download but at the and it says somthing error can you help me plz

  • lennox

    I want mxit pc please tell me how to download to my pc

  • i have a problem my mxit is no entry redline over it what do i do i have my old pin and my new pin but i cant login

  • yolandi

    I had an earlier version of mxit but then I upgraded to the 5.7 version of mxit. Now I’m looking for the chatbar I used to type my message in while I’m viewing what my friends are saying… I can’t seem to find that chatbar again and I can’t remember if I downloaded it or how I got it to be like that. Can someone please help me?

  • jamey

    i need help getting my mxit pin. i dont have the sim anymore since the phone was stolen. help pls

  • This blog will be updated with some information how to obtain drug counselling via MXit (free of charge) from totally awesome guys in Cape Town. Anyway you will get all of your technical questions answered on MXit Foruma.

  • tseby

    my mxit it is denying to log in again,so plz cn i find help there?de name of my phone is nokia6288 and the no is0735408793.

  • neo

    i had a mxit on my phone while i was still in South Africa, now i want to download mxit in a PC and i’m in U.S.A and my phone is not working.

  • i had mxit on my phone while i was in South Africa, now i live in U.S.A and my phone is not working, how can i download mxit in my computer.

  • my phine doesnt want to take my pin if i want to register please can you help me. doesnt matter what pin i use it keep on daying pin is to easy even thow i use my date of birth.

  • tazz

    lost my pin plus i can’t sms cause i’m using another sim card

  • Melissa Adamo


    My brother wants mxit on his phone. I have mxit (I’m with Vodakom), but my phone (samsung J750)broke the other day… Wile it’s being fixt I used my brothers phone to mxit. It worked perfectly. My brother (age 11) now wants to have mxit (he has a Nokia 5140i) on his cell, I downloaded it for his, but when I want to register him, it keeps saying that the pin is to simple and it will be easy to guess! I now am tring to register him on the internet but I cant find a wedsite who can… Can anyone help me???

  • prevlin

    hi i got mxit but i forgot my pin but the sin card got lost i want the pin for this number 0734996889 send the pin to 0847733152

    • You have to use the SIM card you registered with to reset your PIN. You can find out more on MXit website.

  • sanjeev

    Hi, My cell contract ended and i got a new contract and phone with the same number, but i cant seem to retrieve my ID or PIN for mxit.
    Is there anyway to retrieve from my phone number and Nickname?

    • To get your MXit Pin simply SMS ‘pin’ to 34006 from the original sim card you used to sign-up with MXit. If this does not work contact support@mxit.com and they may be able to assist you.

  • Willie

    Hi i am using the samsung d600 on mxit bud i am not able to get profile pics can someone please help me what mxit version will work on the d600 with profile pics?

  • Hi ive added a wiget to my website and its having an issue,i cant chat in it,please assit me getting it to work nicely

    • Dear Ricardo you should contact Yola Tech Support. Your comment does smell of spam and self promotion of your website. I’ll leave it anyway.