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Elzaan Rohde from Sentient Communication passed this tip onto me from a Google Alert:

I am a very big fan of cell phone SMS (aka text) messages because of my voicemail. I can send SMS with one hand, driving and not even looking at my screen, switching between predictive text and normal typing. Heavy users of SMS messages developed their own shorthand way of talking and not only teenagers use it. In fact there’s a long history of abbreviations from the earliest chat platform on the Internet, IRC. This is because SMS text messages are limited by the cell phone company to 160 characters. So abbreviations are a must if you expect to do any serious communicating. Here’s a cool site, originally mentioned on, that gives you a list of many known SMS abbreviations – or you can use their dictionary translator to type in regular words and see what their SMS abbreviation might be…

SMS Dictionary from
SMS Dictionary from

Author: RJ Thomas

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