Why I Study in China not America
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In September 2013 I arrived in Beijing, China on route to Ningbo University. It’s been two years since I moved to China, and this is the best decision I’ve ever made. So why did I choose this radical move from South Africa to China. Well it’s not because of BRICS, the group of developing countries:

Help get America out of Iraq
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The Iraq war is a farce and we all know it. The United States of America led by George (Dubya) Bush had invaded a sovereign country that was not a threat to America. For the last 18 months we’ve been bombarded with an assortment of lies. Even the once respectable Colin Powell, LIED in front

Investigative Reporter interviews Thomas Jefferson!
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A MAJOR RADIO EVENT! AN INVESTIGATIVE REPORTER INTERVIEWS THOMAS JEFFERSON! When: Wednesday, June 15, 7-8 PM, Eastern Time Where: www.ProgressiveRadioNetwork.com Scholar Clay Jenkinson, who has portrayed, with stunning accuracy, Thomas Jefferson, in venues all over the world, will assume the identity once more, for a sit-down interview with Jon Rappoport, Pulitzer-nominated reporter. “Mr. Jefferson,” in