Three books recommended by John Taylor Gatto

John Taylor Gatto Teacher Author Here are three books recommended by John Taylor Gatto. You can skip to 1:41:14 to hear his quick summary of the three books after a question about Ayn Rand and Liberterians. This is taken from a CSPAN lecture, “Examples of Read More →

Michael Crichton on Unpopular Truths

Author Michael Crichton discusses his reluctance to accept some of today’s pop science conclusions I share some of his unpopular truths. In high school, my best friend Bradley Minnaar, introduced me to his books: Andromeda Strain and Sphere. Later we read Jurassic Park Read More →

Benjamin Hoff on leaving authorship

I stumbled across an essay by Benjamin Hoff about leaving authorship here today. Its not a surprise because I’m well aware of the rise of the multinational corporations. And the rise of globalisation is directly linked to the rise of Read More →