Michael Crichton – Unpopular Truth

Author Michael Crichton discusses his reluctance to accept some of today’s pop science conclusions. In high school, my best friend Bradley Minnaar, introduced me to his books: Andromeda Strain and Sphere. Later we read Jurassic Park before the movie was released.

Here’s a Summary of Unpopular Truth:

  1. Environmentalism is a religion
  2. Second-hand smoke does not cause Cancer
  3. Global Warming is not a crisis (Charlie Rose)
  4. Nobody can predict the future (Charlie Rose)


Benjamin Hoff on leaving authorship

Tao of Pooh & Te of Piglet by Benjamin HoffI stumbled across an essay by Benjamin Hoff about leaving authorship here today. Its not a surprise because I’m well aware of the rise of the multinational corporations. And the rise of globalisation is directly linked to the rise of corporations like this. This in turn makes it difficult for the small guy to compete. But that’s where the Internet comes in. It has returned power to the small guy. You can publish yourself online at a fraction of the cost and still develop a readership.

Tao of Pooh by Benjamin Hoff is a classic in modern literature because it blends fiction from Winnie-the-Pooh to explain the philosophy of Taoism. One day I would like to write stories like this because using the simplicity of children’s stories is a most ingenious way of explaining unfamiliar or unusual philosophical concepts like Taoism. And maybe the same can be said for technology.

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