An Open Letter to Jacques Cilliers – Goodbye FNB

FNB Social Media persona RB Jacobs ATTENTION: Jacques Cilliers CEO, First National Bank Bank City Johannesburg Dear Mr Cilliers After 11 years I decided to close all my bank accounts with First National Bank. The primary reason is the horrendous experience of passing the buck and Read More →

More people banking on their cellphones than on their PCs

The number of people banking from their cellphones has exceeded that of people banking from their PCs in South Africa, with more than a quarter of bank customers turning to their cellphones for services ranging from informational transaction types such Read More →

WWW2007 – Keynote – Dr Chris Kotze FNB Online Banking in South Africa

Dr Chris Kotze, CEO of FNB Online, opened the 2nd day of the World Wide Web Applications Conference. He described online banking as the baby of the channels, mobile banking an even younger. More than 150, 000 “banking” users daily. Read More →

No Credit Card doesn't mean you can't shop online

First National Bank FNB Smart Devices Despite the impression on most websites that you need a credit card to shop on the Web, that is not entirely the case. In this article I present some alternatives to using a credit card. Last time round I explained Read More →

Awareness and Education needed to grow cellphone banking

People who are regular users of the Internet often assume others understand why it is significant. So it goes for people who are heavy users of cellphones, they often assume everyone else should by default understand how easy it is, Read More →