FNB CEO Michael Jordaan’s open letter published in Beeld

This seems to have been a good idea in principal. It’s a pity Michael Jordaan does not have the spine to resist the pressure from trade union Solidarity or white staff. My own experience with FNB since the age of 5 years old has been mostly good. That was until I started my own business in 2004 and that’s when the shocking truth of how banks see entrepreneurs in South Africa began to emerge. They are all part of a global cabal who has nothing better to do that charge high interest, ridiculously high banking fees for even depositing cash into your bank account. No wonder black people mostly withdraw the full amount of cash after they get paid to avoid paying bank fees on this or that 🙁

FNB CEO Michael JordaanFNB CEO Michael Jordaan’s open letter published in Beeld today on the issue of FNB’s equal access to educational assistance:

Eerste Nasionale Bank het die afgelope week of twee onder kwaai kritiek deurgeloop oor ’n beursskema wat vanjaar vir die eerste keer beurse gaan uitbetaal aan die kinders van die bank se swart werknemers wat ingevolge die voorwaardes van die skema vir die beurse kwalifiseer.

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