Your Social Media Policy vs Students

Social Media Madness In the last two weeks several stories appeared in the news media in South Africa about Facebook confession pages from big universities. There’s numerous references to matters that is and should remain private, there are rumors and gossip, and there Read More →

A Conversation About Facebook Hacking

Top 10 Internet Scams Recently I answered a series of questions via email to a journalist at the Herald newspaper. How exactly do people hack Facebook accounts and duplicate them? You may be more likely to be a target of scammers and spammers instead Read More →

Do Facebook Junkies Have Real Friends?

Facebook privacy Mark Zuckerberg Facebook is the biggest reality show in the world. It has more than 1 billion unpaid actors who live a portion of the lives online. Recently I was interviewed by the Weekend Post newspaper about Facebook junkies or people who Read More →

How To Manage Your Digital Afterlife

Manage Your Digital Afterlife If the psychologist Carl Jung was alive today, he may have said, your digital world is your shadow. In many ways it’s the best representation of your personality and your aspirations because of its interactive nature. When you misrepresent yourself, Read More →

Facebook's new ad tracking partnership stokes privacy concerns

Facebook is pairing up with Datalogix to track whether people who see ads for products on the social networking site actually go out and purchase them in stores. To measure how well Facebook’s ads are performing, Datalogix will match up Read More →

Online gambling promises new revenues for Facebook

Comment: This seems a latest attempt to ensure revenue and cash flow grows after listing for Facebook. UK-based online gambling holding Gamesys has launched a new Facebook app called ‘Bingo Friendzy’, the first to hit the social network’s App Center Read More →