iWeek 2011 registration open

The Internet Service Providers’ Association of South Africa (ISPA) and UniForum SA (the co.za administrators) are pleased to announce the 10th iWeek annual conference to be held from 21 – 23 September 2011 at Royal Elephant, Eldoraigne, Centurion, South Africa.

2011 Commemorates a number of key milestones including iWeek’s 10th birthday, ISPA’s 15th anniversary and the 10th birthday of the Teachers’ Training initiative.

The last year has seen enormous political and social changes in many parts of the world.  Speakers and industry experts from six continents will provide answers and insights into: “How the Internet has changed societies”.

Topics as diverse as the underground economy, open spectrum, challenges of scaling, social networking and eLearning will be addressed.

We are also honoured to be hosting the second meeting of the International Internet Industry Alliance (IIIA) as part of this year’s annual event, as well as the WAPA general meeting.

iWeek 2010 is a free conference, and most of the proceedings are open to anyone involved in the Internet industry.

You are encouraged to register for this conference at your earliest convenience at.  A draft programme is available on the site.

Potential sponsors can contact Elaine Zinn at elaine@ispa.org.za or telephone 010 500 1200 / +27 83 327 4806 or visit

http://www.iweek.org.za/iweek-2011-sponsor/.  There are numerous options to suit the “pocket”.

Please share this notification with your staff members and other interested parties.  We look forward to welcoming you to iWeek 2011.



Join me at 7th annual iWeek conference for Internet industry insiders

iWeek 2008 Internet industry conferenceI have already registered for the 7th annual iWeek conference. Join me at this 3-day conference (at no cost to you) because it is the fastest way for you to get more familiar with the Internet industry. Go here to read my blogging from iWeek 2006 where Mark Shuttleworth was the keynote speaker and attracted more people in one day that attends the entire iWeek conference over the 3 or 4 days it normally runs.

Anyway here is the message from ISPA, the Internet Service Providers Association…

ISPA and UniForum SA (the co.za registrars) are proud to announce their 7th iWeek annual conference and exhibition, now widely acknowledged as the premier Internet event on the SA calendar to be held from 17 – 19 September 07 at The Forum, Wanderers Building, The Campus, 57 Sloane Street in Bryanston, Johannesburg.

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iWeek 2006: Dr Tracy Cohen – Credibility in telecoms regulation

Dr Tracy Cohen is a Councillor at the Independent Communications Authority of South Africa since 1994.Dr. Cohen is currently an Honorary Research Fellow in the Graduate School of Public and Development Management and sits on the editorial board for the South African Journal of Information and Communication. She is also an advisory panel member for Privacy International.

In her remarks Tracy welcomed ISPA ‘s “constructive and fruitful” participation, but for those who want liberalisation she warned that ‘regulation will always be here’ to deal with scarce resources and competing interest in the industry. She encouraged the ISPA that institutions will always matter at most, credibility implies mutual relationship between regulators and regulated. Even though governments operate within high bureaucracies, Tracy promised the ISPA that regulation will strive to be more consultative and open, the works of ISPA should therefore be “much more inclusive” and show some signs of “a true representative consumer lobbying” on the other hand.

Like elsewhere in the world, regulation always had unintended results, some will venture as other will be more marginalised .She further stated that the old first come first serve was not working on licensing, a new form is therefore desired. On the use of new technologies Tracy argued that, “if is not illegal it shouldn’t be blocked”- while issuing a warning of interference saying that indeed “let regulators regulate and managers manage” quoting Theodore Vail. Despite a lot of media publicity on ICASA ‘s lack of credibility within itself, we can theoretically expect more, but bureaucracies will always down play some liberalisation and radical change within the regulatory regimes.


iWeek 2006 now open for bookings

One of the biggest Internet industry conferences in South Africa, the annual Internet Week or iWeek is now open for bookings. I spoke at this conference in 2004 on the topic of the Internet Cafe industry in South Africa. And I get regular emails every month increasingly about how to set-up and Internet Cafe. Well I’m working on this.

What’s so shocking is how disinterested the ISPs are to encourage Cyber Cafe’s in South Africa. My current estimate is approximately 300 of them vs several thousand in countries like Taiwan and South Korea. A news article I found once claimed India has over 50,000 of them!

I will be attending this year’s event (not as a speaker) but to rally for support for my research into Internet Cafe industry. We need much more access before 2010.