Superheroes, Superman and Synths

Gemma Chan Humans Robot Synth Recently I’ve been watching a new TV series from the UK, Humans. It shows an all too familiar future where robots (or Synths as they’re called in this show) are meant to aid humans in their daily lives with mundane Read More →

Have You Been Sold A Lie? No.

liar lying lies Recently I told someone on Twitter lying is more fun than telling the truth. This was after listing to Jon Rappoport talk about one of his imagination exercises. They are meant to stimulate your imagination through story telling. In these Read More →

How Edward Snowden Did Not Change Privacy

Edward Snowden There is so much that’s been said after Edward Snowden published his exposure on the CIA and American government spying on citizens, not only in USA but also worldwide. The best thing we have learned about this, is how blaze Read More →

Mind Control Technology Dangers – Jon Rappoport

The fields of neuroscience and technology are merging in amazing ways. But there is also a dark side to new research into how human thoughts can control machines and computers. Journalist Jon Rappoport has written extensively on the subject of Read More →

Window above the Brain

This week we have another guest post from Jon Rappoport, creator of the Logic & Analysis course. WINDOW ABOVE THE BRAIN AND THE MAGIC THEATER –for Tim Leary, after reading his autobiography, Flashbacks– OCTOBER 31, 2011. I have written essays Read More →

Energy is created by you not your gadgets

“One of the downsides of living in a technological age is we tend to attribute the most powerful energies to machines. Therefore, we downplay our own. This is a major joke. Things aren’t that way at all. We have an Read More →