Awareness and Education needed to grow cellphone banking

People who are regular users of the Internet often assume others understand why it is significant. So it goes for people who are heavy users of cellphones, they often assume everyone else should by default understand how easy it is, Read More →

Learning and Support using MXit

[This blog entry has been edited and updated on 9 Sep 2007] Cape Town bloggers Rafiq Phillips uses MXit offering customer support for his project. This idea can save small businesses money if they consider the implications – offering Read More →

MXit blasts through 3 million users

** MXit has already reached 6 million by beginning 2008. Download the Parents Guide to MXit from this link. ** Its now official MXit has broken through 3 million users. This is really a phenomenal success for a South African Read More →

Apple iPhone finally unveiled

Steve Jobs has done it again. Stealing the thunder from Microsoft’s Bill Gates who was the keynote speaker at the CES Conference in Las Vegas. As it happens my mentor, Arthur Goldstuck, is currently at CES but likely on his Read More →

Parents Guide to MXit available today

The “Parents Guide to MXit” is now available from today. This concise guide is made available at no cost to all concerned parents or educators, who may have sleepless nights about children using MXit, the popular chat application that enables Read More →