Freedom is making up your own mind

Beware of him who tries to poison your mind against another under the pretence of helping you. The chances are a thousand to one he is trying to help himself. South African poet and painter Breyten Breytenbach tells of a Read More →

How Henry Ford used the Mastermind Principal

Henry Ford, while appearing as a trial witness, was badgered by an attorney who tried to discredit his testimony by calling his education into question. Mr. Ford was asked a few questions about American history which any high school student Read More →

Deepak Chopra teaches more than just Creating Health

When I first began hearing of Deepak Chopra, I did not think to much of him. My best friend Nathaniel recommended The Seven Spiritual Laws of Success: A Practical Guide to the Fulfillment of Your Dreams a long time ago Read More →

On Being a Lady

This is from the Napoleon Hill Foundation’s Thought of the Day, “Margaret Thatcher once observed that being powerful is like being a lady: If you have to tell others you are, you aren’t. Truly great leaders gain respect by the Read More →

Drifting, witout aim or purpose, is the first cause of Failure

I got this from the Napoleon Hill Foundation, “Without a plan for your life, it is easier to follow the course of least resistance, to go with the flow, to drift with the current with no particular destination in mind. Read More →

The grandfather of success and motivation books, Think and Grow Rich

I’ve been studying various books over the last 6 months in order to find the secret of success and wealth. And I’m likely to continue researching and studying these books for years to come. My search originally began by identifying Read More →