How Edward Snowden Did Not Change Privacy

Edward Snowden There is so much that’s been said after Edward Snowden published his exposure on the CIA and American government spying on citizens, not only in USA but also worldwide. The best thing we have learned about this, is how blaze Read More →

October is National Cyber Security Awareness Month

Protect Before You Connect! Simple precautions to avoid an online personal privacy disaster. The Internet is an amazing, fantastic, vibrant place. But there are also evil people out there who steal identities, hack credit card accounts, track personal information, violate Read More →

Facebook's new ad tracking partnership stokes privacy concerns

Facebook is pairing up with Datalogix to track whether people who see ads for products on the social networking site actually go out and purchase them in stores. To measure how well Facebook’s ads are performing, Datalogix will match up Read More →

Operation Facebook, Hacktivists Rise Up!

Over the years I’ve noticed a love-hate relationship with Facebook developing. On the one hand, it seems like a┬ámarketing dream. On the other hand it’s a parent’s worst nightmare. When you consider the amount of information Facebook can now access Read More →

First part of interview with Damaria Senne

Damaria Senne journalist, children's author Damaria Senne, a journalist at ITWeb, recently asked me to do a lengthy and very detailed interview about online and mobile trends and the impact on children for her parenting blog. You can read part 1 of the interview here. Read More →