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  • An Open Letter to Jacques Cilliers – Goodbye FNB

    FNB Social Media persona RB Jacobs

    ATTENTION: Jacques Cilliers CEO, First National Bank Bank City Johannesburg Dear Mr Cilliers After 11 years I decided to close all my bank accounts with First National Bank. The primary reason is the horrendous experience of passing the buck and customer service I’ve experienced. This was personal on so many levels. And yet I’m haunted… Read more »

  • How Edward Snowden Did Not Change Privacy

    Edward Snowden

    There is so much that’s been said after Edward Snowden published his exposure on the CIA and American government spying on citizens, not only in USA but also worldwide. The best thing we have learned about this, is how blaze the governments of the world really are about your privacy. Privacy is valuable not only… Read more »

  • Matthew Buckland: Future of the Web

    Matthew Buckland, MD of Creative Spark, talks about the future of the web for the Ogilvy #HowToFriday in 2012. This was a very good overview of the current and forthcoming trends in social media, smartphones and the Web. I’m very glad he emphasises the importance of Privacy as we move towards augmented reality, the Facebook… Read more »

  • Social Media breaks barriers in South Africa

    Social networking in South Africa has crossed the age barrier, the urban/rural divide and even the relationship gap, according to research findings announced today. The /South African Social Media Landscape 2012/ study, produced by technology market researchers World Wide Worx and information analysts Fuseware, shows that the fastest growing age group among Facebook users in… Read more »

  • Social media tools

    There are plenty of social media tools that can be used in the different social media internet sites. These social media tools were set up to be used to enhance the different activities that one can do in these websites. There are tools that provide and edit pictures, video and audio files. Some social media… Read more »