TEDGlobal 2007: Session 3: Idris Mohammed
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One of those moments at TEDGlobal that made me feel jazzy inside was when two performers from the Zip Zap Circus School came on stage to entertain us. I didn’t know what to expect because I’ve never heard of them before. Rest assured I will be on the lookout for future performances back in South

TEDGlobal 2007: Session 3: Eleni Gabre-Madhin
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I cannot believe the first day of TEDGlobal is over. We had a dinner party sponsored by Google on Monday evening and today it’s a jam packed. Later I’m attending a lunch sponsored by Google.org where they’ll mention some projects they are involved with in Africa. Eleni Gabre-Madhin, is an Economist, who is working to

TEDGlobal 2007: Session 2: Dr. Kenneth Vickery
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Dr Kenneth Vickery filled in for George Ayittey during this slot. We would have to wait a little longer for Big Goerge and it would be worth while. Ken is the author of Black and White in Southern Zambia. The essence of his talk was a quick, very quick history lesson on Africa. He came

TEDGlobal 2007: Session 2: Dr. Zeresenay Alemseged
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Session 2: Looking Back to Look Forward, was kicked off by Dr Zeresenay Alemseged, a palaeontologist from the Max Planck Institute for Evolutionary Anthropology. Dr Zeray discovered the remains of the oldest humanoid child in Ethopia in 2000. The discovery is affectionately named “Selam”, a 3 year old hominid child, and announced in 2006. He

TEDGlobal 2007: Session 1: Bono
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Bono is one of Africa’s biggest supporters. He was not listed on the official program for this TEDGlobal as a speaker and made an impromptu appearance on stage. Back in 2005 Bono won the TEDPrize and accepted with a truly riveting talk on why the West should help Africa and how they can benefit as

TEDGlobal 2007: Session 1: Andrew Mwenda
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Andrew Mwenda is a hard hitting in-your-face kind of journalist. He is currently on a year-long John S. Knight fellowship at Stanford University in the United States. So one of the things he immediately brought to our attention is that Sub-Saharan Africa received aid to the tune of 13% of GDP while the Marshall plan

TEDGlobal 2007: Session 1: Carol Pineau
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Carol Pineau was the 3rd speaker for the first session of TEDGlobal. She is best known for her documentary Africa Open For Business. She told some of the stories from her inspiring documentary. The first was the story of Ruff ‘n Tumble a very successful clothing designer from Nigeria. Another one was the great success

TEDGlobal 2007: Session 1: Andrew Dosunmu
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Continuing on the theme of the Africa you don’t know was Andrew Dosunmu, most famous in South Africa as being the director of the hit television show Yizo Yizo. While growing up in Lagos, Nigeria, he experienced very different images of Africa compared to when he moved to London. Andrew has directed several music videos

Visiting Tanzania for the first time to attend TEDGlobal
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This week I’m in Arusha, Tanzania attending the TEDGlobal conference. Travelling is one of those experiences which truly enriches your life. When you travel outside of your country you are stretching your own comfort zone. Back in 2000 I spent 6 months working and living in United Arab Emirates. That was a big culture shock