My Taoism interview with Kate Turkington

A few weeks ago I did my first interview with Kate Turkington on Talk Radio 702 and Cape Talk. My good friend Reuel Leach recorded it for me and emailed me the mp3 file of this interview for download soon afterwards. Whatever you know about Taoism is probably limited to the many myths about Eastern religion and philosophy. This interview was during a very stressful period in my life. And its always been my goal to let go of things, especially goals. In this interview I reference the excellent modern translation of the Tao Te Ching by Ron Hogan.

Any questions about Taoism? Feel free to post them below.


Living Dialogues podcast takes my spirtual understanding to new heights

The last few weeks I have spent travelling on the road. Firstly doing a series of talks for Pannar Seed International in Delmas and Klerksdorp and last week to Nelspruit in Mpumalanga. I felt really silly about that trip because I didn’t know they had an airport in Nelspruit and so I ended up driving over 330kms from Johannesburg. This kind of driving is really good time for contemplating your life and the direction it takes or the challenges you are facing.

Anyway one of the joy’s in my life is discovering amazing new podcasts from time to time. One of? these is called Living Dialogues hosted by Duncan Campbell. These podcasts are extremely provocative in the selection of guests and the manner in which the interviews or discussions take place. The guests are people who the mainstream science would consider to be on the fringe. Certainly many of them are unknown to me and I am listening to the familiar names slowly but surely. There are multiple dialogues because the interviews tend to be broken up into segments less then 30 minutes in duration.

Here’s some of my favourite dialogues:

If you found any of these dialogues fascinating I’d love to hear your comments…


What I learned from Bruce Lee about Flowing in Relationships

It’s been months since I’ve been to my Tai Chi class and I’m starting to feel really itchy about it. So even though I’ve been doing my Tai Chi Chuan at home its not the same as doing in a group. One of the things I’ve done to console myself is to go back to re-read the Chinese classic Tao Te Ching.

On another note as I’m approaching my 10th Toastmasters speech, to complete my Compitant Communicator, the first manual. I’ve decided to start with a quote from Bruce Lee, which he repeated in the famous Lost Interview with Pierre Burton. However, watching the entire interview I cam across a reference to Tai Chi Chuan. Pierre Burton asks him to explain all the fancy moves he sees people doing on the roof tops of buildings. Bruce goes into an explanation of Tai Chi Chuan and the philosophy behind it. And this quote from Bruce just struck me as applicable to relationships as well, “I mean to them the idea is ‘running water never grows stale.’ so you’ve got to just ‘keep on flowing.'”

When you realise a relationship has run its course its very likely because you’ve stopped flowing. When things become to predictable, when you become bored or tired all the time time. The passion you may have had and the physical attraction dies down. Now of course you can resurrect it with some effort. But you’re missing the point. The whole idea behind Taoism is effortlessness. Many people seem to think of an end-goal to relationships being marriage. I believe this is a fundamentally flawed presupposition. And therefore you’re setting yourself up for failure. Again most self-help books on relationships will persuade that relationships or marriage is hard work. It shouldn’t be hard work it should just flow.