Severn Suzuki speaks at UN Earth Summit in 1992 about loving the Environment

Boys don’t cry? Well maybe it’s good for boys to cry every now and then. This video brought tears to my eyes because of how sincere and deep the message is by Severn Suzuki. In 1992, at the age of 12, Suzuki raised money with members of ECO, the Environmental Childrens Organization (a group she founded) to attend the Earth Summit in Rio De Janeiro. How long has it been that I sat down in nature or hugged a tree? How long has it been since I rolled around on grass or walked bare foot in a stream? How long will it take for us to realise that we and the environment are one – and if we continue to poison it, we only poison ourselves?

The more we love the environment the more we love ourselves and vice versa. Do not wait for someone else to do something about it. You go and do something about it in your yard or your neighbourhood.


What I learned from Bruce Lee about Flowing in Relationships

It’s been months since I’ve been to my Tai Chi class and I’m starting to feel really itchy about it. So even though I’ve been doing my Tai Chi Chuan at home its not the same as doing in a group. One of the things I’ve done to console myself is to go back to re-read the Chinese classic Tao Te Ching.

On another note as I’m approaching my 10th Toastmasters speech, to complete my Compitant Communicator, the first manual. I’ve decided to start with a quote from Bruce Lee, which he repeated in the famous Lost Interview with Pierre Burton. However, watching the entire interview I cam across a reference to Tai Chi Chuan. Pierre Burton asks him to explain all the fancy moves he sees people doing on the roof tops of buildings. Bruce goes into an explanation of Tai Chi Chuan and the philosophy behind it. And this quote from Bruce just struck me as applicable to relationships as well, “I mean to them the idea is ‘running water never grows stale.’ so you’ve got to just ‘keep on flowing.'”

When you realise a relationship has run its course its very likely because you’ve stopped flowing. When things become to predictable, when you become bored or tired all the time time. The passion you may have had and the physical attraction dies down. Now of course you can resurrect it with some effort. But you’re missing the point. The whole idea behind Taoism is effortlessness. Many people seem to think of an end-goal to relationships being marriage. I believe this is a fundamentally flawed presupposition. And therefore you’re setting yourself up for failure. Again most self-help books on relationships will persuade that relationships or marriage is hard work. It shouldn’t be hard work it should just flow.


Eben Pagan's Secret Weapon: the Mastermind group

Eben Pagan also known as David DeAngelo is the creator of the Altitude programme for business owners and entrepreneurs. In this video he discusses the Mastermind concept originated by Napoleon Hill. The Double Your Dating business is a blueprint for online success. I have bought many of the products he produced under the pen-name David DeAngelo. So few people even begin to understand the value of a mastermind group but this video spells it out in plain and simple language.


Dr John Demartini interviewed by Alan Steinfeld

John Demartini is back in South Africa for a series of talks and seminars. Here’s some of the details:

Public Talks: Access Your Power

  • Johannesburg: Thursday, 22 September – Montecasino, Il Grande Theatre
  • Cape Town: Wednesday 26 September – Arabella Sheraton Hotel, Ballroom
  • Durban: 3 October – Elangeni Hotel, Great Elanga

Time: Registration 7pm; Talk 7h30pm-9pm.
Cost R90 @ Book through Computicket or R100 at the door. Seats limited.

You can read my own review of his 2-day Breakthrough Experience seminar I attended in December 2006.

Anyway here’s an awesome 30 minute interview with Alan Steinfeld, host of New Realities


Mitch Hedberg RIP

Ever heard of Mitch Hedberg? My friend Chris van Wyk recently brought him to my attention. What an awesome comedic talent. He’s jokes are so arb you cannot help yourself laughing your ass off. In fact he comes across as someone who’s permanently high because his delivery is so laid back. It’s refreshing to have clean humour where no vulgarity is used while still being hilarious. From watching so much comedy it just seems that most stand-up comedians or movies rely on toiler humour or sex talk to get a laugh. Mitch Hedberg was something else. Sadly he passed away in 2005 just before his first HBO special.

See for yourself in this clip. And I encourage you checkout more of him on Youtube.


TEDGlobal Talks premier online with George Ayittey

Earlier this month I received an email from Chris Anderson, the curator of the TED following up on the conference in Tanzania. Several videos from the TEDGlobal conference I attended in Arusha a few months ago premièred online. My favourite is George Ayittey who roused the audience, alternating from lacerating criticism of Africa’s “hippo generation” to an inspiring appeal for the “cheetah generation” i.e. the youth who are taking things into their own hands to effect change. You can read my own review of his talk here.

So if you like what you’ve just seen buy George Ayittey’s book Africa Unchained. And if you’re a fellow blogger join the African Bloggers group and become part of the community to take Africa back from the Hippo generation.


Have you spoken to Mr Deity today?

Who is Mr Deity? Your friendly neighborhood omnipotent, omnipresent God or as Dr John Demartini says, Grand Organised Designer. This hilarious send-up was created by Brian Keith Dalton.

This is one of those shows popping up on Youtube along with the likes of Chad Vader, that has the potential for mainstream success. In fact Brian’s goal is to turn this into a weekly sitcom and is currently negotiating with some tv networks. I really find it amazing how much wit and intelligence these 5 minute webisodes contain. Without explaining more about Mr Deity I include a clip of the very first one to get you started…