Yusuf Moses: Persistance To A Motivated Life

Mr Uitenhage Yusuf Moses ABET teacherThis is the story of my friend Yusuf Moses, one of the most motivated people I’ve ever met. After years of ups and downs, he is now a respected ABET teacher, happily married father of two daughters. When we first met he worked in a factory building components for Volkswagen South Africa:

Uitenhage, in the Eastern Cape not very far from Port Elizabeth, is a place I call home. My name is Yusuf Moses and I am the eldest of four children. My mother is a soft, understanding, and loving yet strong women. She has been a housewife for as long as I can remember. My dad is proud man, a bricklayer by profession. He was always motivated to improve our situation. So he sold items such as peanuts, oranges, sweets and anything he could get his hands on from age of 10 when his own father passed away.


Growing up we were not rich or wealthy in any way. Besides that we never went to bed hungry, we stuck together, worked hard, never begged and were always honest. My taught us the importance of books and religion as well as what was considered ethical and moral. My dad worked long hours and would come home very tired. He bought items and would force me to help him sell, “we are poor but we are not going to ask or except any handouts, we are not a charity case,” he used to say. God help those who help themselves and with those words without any further discussion he motivated me to also go out and sell for my family.


I wasn’t always motivated because I felt uncomfortable in the early days. It felt like begging to me, walking through town or any other place where I could find a crowd. The taxi rank was the best place, there were always interested and interesting people that made it worth it and I did not have to walk to far to get it all sold. So free weekends and playing after school was not part of my childhood. The only thing worse than selling was Monday morning at school because that was when all the kids that saw me and poked fun at me would start again. Most of the time there was nowhere to run or hide. I have been called so many different names, one could probably write a book on that. All this influenced my selling on weekends, but as I was selling.


Eventually I started seeing and realising things that I don’t think I would have noticed if I did not sell. I found that not everyone is what they would pretend to be or say who they are, people will in most instances try to bargain with you and pay less than what you were offering. In the end I learned the most valuable skill for anyone who lacks motivations i.e. persistence. My exploits on weekends were training wheels for adult life. Selling eventually became a passion and I’ve since read many books on sales that continue to motivate me.


Social Media Success Stories Needed for next PE 27Dinner

Apologies for the inconvenience with the 27Dinner being postponed from September to October. Everything has been confirmed and we’re going ahead full steam with regular 27Dinner events in Nelson Mandela Bay. We should do at least 4 during 2010, one every 3 months.

This month we’re hosting a very special 27Dinner event in Port Elizabeth. As usual it’ll take place at the Algoa Bay Yacht Club, thanks for Alan Stratton from MyPE. The focus this month is discovering social media success stories from Nelson Mandela Bay. So if you have a story to share, a victory to celebrate from the Web 2.0 revolution, join us. Yusuf Moses, my awesome PA, will handle the MC duties to allow me a 10 minute speaking slot, discussing the growth of the 27Dinner movement, and mutual-aid between African bloggers. For those reading this for the first time, the 27Dinner events take place all across South Africa in major cities like Cape Town, Johannesburg, Pretoria, Durban, Port Elizabeth and soon Bloemfontein.

The purpose is to expose the masses to social media, introduce new concepts from Web 2.0 into the collective consciousness of Web users, Internet experts, graphic designers, PR executives, and all forms of decision makers from small to large enterprises. And we aim to distil the value of social media for everyone who’s serious about getting more from the online world. Past events in PE 27Dinners have covered topics as diverse as drug counselling using MXit, innovative social networking platforms like ZoopedUp and Blueworld, and other niche areas.

These events are FREE aka gratis, and you simply have to add you name on the 27Dinner website after completing a simply sign-up procedure. You can volunteer to sponsor these events with wine, desert, gadgets like cool new cellphones or gaming consoles – hint, hint I want a Nintendo WII or Microsoft Xbox, forget about Sony Playstations. Otherwise simply come along for good food and conversation.

We’re still looking for more speakers on the above mentioned topic. So if you know anyone who can elucidate our minds with a success story from the Port Elizabeth-East London-Uitenhage areas, feel free to email me their contact information and I’ll gladly make it happen.


First Open Day Meet-n-Greet

Ramon Thomas wants to be your manager, super agentI make models Miss South Africa, businessmen get onto CNBC Africa, unpublished authors gets published or how to make one hell of a profit and still get to heaven. My most recent experience includes a strong focus on life coaching models, businessmen, heads of business schools, PR companies, Marketing Directors and even sales training for radio stations to increase advertising spend.

This open day is to meet prospective clients for my new agency – provisionally called “Arli$$ Ari Gold Management” after my two favourite agents in television. You will get to know me, who I am, what I stand for, and what makes me different. Some of my client portfolios will be on display. And you can ask me anything. My fees are based on a more realistic mindset of what is required in the global recession. And because I leverage a very large online and real-world social network, I can afford to only charge you 10% flat rate. I make up the difference by asking you to do photo shoots or gigs for my own projects at no cost. All this is tracked, so you never feel like you’re being abused or taken advantage. And in each case we ensure you get testimonials, exposure and meet new clients to find even more opportunities.

The venue: Nino’s Rosebank, The Zone opposite Nescafe. And I will be there from 12-6pm before going to the Dr John Demartini Talk @ Montecasino tonight. I’m also working with TalentFinders.com as the new Marketing Director so I’ll handle your online and offline portfolios to maximise your income and reduce your effort. Leave it to me, and I’ll make it happen for you. As my awesome PA, Yusuf Moses, says at this junction “Let’s dance…!”