Ugly Betty SuarezDriving around Johannesburg I’ve noticed several huge billboards advertising the new show on M-NET, Ugly Betty. The reviews are all positive in the South African media like this one by Tashi Tagg. And this is to be expected because we live in a politically correct country or some would say world. Now I have not watch this television show and have no intention of doing so based on my opinion of this show. And what may this opinion be you ask?

Ugly Betty is meant to make women feel like there is more to life than being a physically attractive woman. And most men would likely agree, to avoid being labelled a sexist, or a misogynist, that this is true. Now let’s look the reality of the situation. There are many brilliant books on evolutionary physcyology and sexual behavior that proves, scientifically, that men are attracted to attractive females because they are more likely to produce healthy offspring and that in turn ensures the long term survival of the species. Just tow books you can reference to this effect are as follows:

  • The Mating Mind by Geoffrey Miller
  • The Red Queen by Matt Ridley

There have been many studies to show that more attractive people get more opportunities in the workplace, in social circles, etc. So this negative role model does not in my opinion help any woman understand what the reality is in the world. In America where obesity is now almost at epidemic proportions there is anecdotal evidence that this show is giving fat women an excuse not to try and loose weight. Most people are plain lazy when it comes to working on their physical appearance yet these same people are likely to judge others on their first impressions and therefore on the their physical appearance. So what I am saying here is that we should rather point women to role models like Charlize Theron and Angelina Jolie. These women work exceptionally hard in their careers and still manage to look stunning whenever they make a public appearance or film.