is an adult-oriented online dating website, which has been around for about 2 years. They currently have over 7000 South African members, and the website grows at around 300 members per month. The only local competition is a website called Erotic Personals. When a user signs up for this service you have to complete two screens of basic information before you get an email to activate you account. While other many other websites force you enter screens full of information before your registration is complete allows you to complete your profile at later stage. You are reminded to complete you profile and post a photo at the top of the website. The profile itself is just an additional 8 questions of which most are short descriptive boxes instead of drop down lists. This is tedious and could be improved. The matching technology cannot be that sophisticated with this implementation.

If one photo is not enough you can upload as many as 20 photos to! The photo’s can be added to your adverts and are included in your profile link, and like most services out there this can make you stand out from the pack. Premium membership gives you access to a rich list of content e.g. all photographs, access to fantasy photo shoots, forum topics, working girls and strippers section. Subscription rates start at R79.95 per month, going up to R479.7 for 12 (giving you 6 months free). You can pay by credit card or cash/bank deposit. Your credit card is processed on a secure server with 128 bit encryption. This is the same level of encryption that all online banks use, and is the accepted minimum standard for ecommerce.

The main feature of which makes is a bit different from other websites is that it tries to encourage a community feeling. You can place ads to find your partner, you can read ads from other people, and sometimes it’s for models, sometimes its photographers advertising their services, men seeking women, women seeking men. Although there’s a HIV section no ads exist at this point. Posting and ad is done by country and specify the province, city, location for the ad (section) and a subject along with the actual ad. You’re allowed to attach a photo to the ad and also your telephone number if you’re gutsy enough. You have to select whether your ad is of an “adult nature”. If it’s not then you wait 48 hours for it to be checked and approved. obviously wants to encourage you not to by shy when trying to satisfy your needs ?

Overall impression is that this website offers a lot of value and it’s very interactive community. As the user base grows the interaction will increase and a more diverse profile will emerge. The photo galleries and the section on fantasy shoots, strippers and working girls are very much focussed on the male species.