Beautiful Cape Town
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I spent the last week in Cape Town and I’m heading back to good ol’ Joburg on Sunday. My good friend Russell allowed me to stay with him in Simon’s Town and what a wonderful experience it has been. Sadly he’s boat is being painted and we won’t have a chance to go sailing or

Prim Reddy interview on 702
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Ramon Thomas joins us on the line, he is MD of NETucation and he is going to be chatting to us about online dating. P: Hi Ramon RT: Hi Prim, thanks for having me on the show. P: Well thanks very much for taking the time, why online dating, why not the traditional way of

Chinese New Year: 2005 Year of the Rooster
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For the last 2 years I’ve tried to join the celebrations for the Chinese New Year. This year instead of going to Cyrildene in Johannesburg I went to the old China town close to the old “John Vorster Square” now Johannesburg Central Police Station. My friend Judy Wicomb from Cape Town tagged along and it