Today I watched Forrest Gump again and what a great movie it is. I was so emotional as I could connect with Forrest on so many levels. Growing up I always felt like to the underdog and I persevered like Forrest to achieve some success in my life. Now for the lessons:

  1. Honesty is the best policy – throughout the movie Forrest is always honest and even though people do take advantage of his honesty it builds his integrity as a person.
  2. Follow your heart – Forrest never gives up on his dreams and when he starts some new project he sees it through to the end.
  3. Help other people – while in Vietnam Forrest saves many of his fellow soldiers in a selfless act that wins in the Congregational Medal of Honour.
  4. Love unconditionally – Forrest loved his mother and Jenny unconditionally. He wins the love of Jenny in the end but he always gave more then he received.

I’m keen to hear what you liked about this great movie which won Tom Hanks his 2nd Best Actor Oscar.