My friend, former massage therapist and South Africa’s leading chirologer Jenny Hirsch sent me this poem once. It resonated so much with me because of the Taoist inspired structure, I based on my research into attraction, dating and social dynamics between male and female on this.

Black Monday Lovesong by ASJ Tessimond

In love’s dances, in love’s dances
One retreats and one advances.
One grows warmer and one colder,
One more hesitant, one bolder.
One gives what the other needed
Once, or will need, now unheeded.
One is clenched, compact, ingrowing
While the other’s melting, flowing.
One is smiling and concealing
While the other’s asking, kneeling.
One is arguing or sleeping
While the other’s weeping, weeping.

And the question finds no answer
And the tune misleads the dancer
And the lost look finds no other
And the lost hand finds no brother
And the word is left unspoken
Till the theme and thread are broken.

When shall these divisions alter?
Echo’s answer seems to falter:
“Oh the unperplexed, unvexed time
Next time…one day…one day…next time!”

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