My best friend Bradley Minnaar quit his job at a software company and moved to Rhodes University, Grahamstown for a while. While living there he started writing the most amazing poetry. Here’s just one example of his amazing prowess as a word smith…

If I was the sea my love
If I was the sea;
Who sends its waves with open palms –
“Don’t fear! ‘Tis just me”.
But on the shore down from their crest,
White fingers fall in soft caress,
Upon your feet your legs your breast;
Who can blame such cunning art?

If I was the sand my love,
If I was the sand;
With golden glistering grains a-stretched
On the rolling strand.
Underneath your feet it tickles,
Warmly through your toes it trickles,
You, with all your whims and fickles,
Leave your ‘prints upon its heart.
If I was the wind my love,
If I was the wind;
That blows sea-scented breath ashore
balm for a stress’d mind.
Its gust’s a gasp of breath in awe,
of unmatched beauty sweet and pure,
Poor Wind! on ne’er a shore you saw,
a whiter Lily, a fairer Ann!
If I was the sun my love,
If I was the sun;
That warmly from celestial path
beams on all toil ‘n fun.
It basks the sand to warm your feet,
Your hair and skin it gives a treat,
Too bad, dear Sun you’ll soon retreat,
and Moon will take your blissfull part.

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