Any Dummy can date Online: Online Dating for Dummies
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For those already familiar with the ‘for Dummies’ books, this instalment will come as a rather comfortable guide to yet another of life’s great trials: dating. In this case, of the Internet variety. No matter for those who don’t though. The book is a comprehensive, easy to understand introduction into a foreign and, no doubt,

Batman Begins
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Well tonight I watched Batman Begins with my little sister who is visiting me for the June school holidays from Uitenhage. This is a great movie and I recommend everyone to go and watch it because of it’s authentcity. Christopher Nolan, who also wrote and directed the amazing film, Momento, has brought Batman to life

Dr Paul Dobransky on Serendipity and Singledom
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Here’s a great article by my friend Dr Paul Dobransky: Like many of you, I am a “Yuspie”, that new term for the Hugh Grants and Bridget Joneses of modern America — short for Young Urban Single Professional. We went to college, likely got several degrees more after that, bought a house, found career success,