The Ex Factor: How Your Friends Help You Survive a Breakup
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It’s Saturday night. You’re home, on your third glass of wine, staring hopelessly into a pint of cookie dough ice cream, wishing that something (anything!) would numb this post-breakup pain. Betcha feel like the saddest girl in the world, huh? But just think how much sadder things would be if you were back with your

Steve Carell is 40 Year Old Virgin
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The mix of hilarious, amazingly rude slapstick with a shrewd observation of human behaviour and honest emotions makes it one of the year’s best comedies. Jim Carrey and Adam Sandler should look to their wilting laurels because Steve Carell can match their raunch but he adds intelligence and careful observation to the mix so that

Are They The Perfect Partner For Me?
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Key Questions to Ask Yourself Now! When Jen and Steve met, they were instantly attracted to each other. Those electrifying sparks started to fly. In an exciting whirlwind of activities and romantic dates, they swept each other off their feet. You know the feeling. That split-second of physical attraction followed by that thrilling feeling of Website Review
124 0 has only been around since 2004. Like many other dating services today they are punting the mixture of matchmaking and social events. A conversation with the owner Lyle Tapinos explains that there’s more to it and they want to help people improve themselves. For example a guy who’s inexperienced is going out on a

Steve Jobs speech: Stay Hungry, Stay Foolish
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Stay Hungry, Stay Foolish is the commencement address by Steve Jobs at Harvard University in June 2005. It’s one of the most inspirational speeches I’ve every come across and I believe it will go down in history along side Martin Luther King’s “I have a dream.” For those who you who want to get a

It’s a date: How to find love online
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Here’s a reprint of an article that quotes my research into online dating industry in South Africa… Clean-shaven, straight teeth and a friendly smile … in a word, handsome. After a week of vigorous SMSing and long phone conversations, “handsome” and I decide to meet. Eager to see each other in real life, we meet

Tiger and the Snow
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I just found an article about a new film, Tiger and the Snow by Roberto Benigni who won an Oscar for Life is Beautiful. I rented the DVD of Life is Beautiful after listening to Tony Robbins’s Get The Edge. I remember I didn’t want to watch this movie when it came out in theatres

The Art and Strategy of Being a Superflirt by Tracey Cox
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Watching two people flirt is kind of like watching a car wreck. There’s all the discomfort, the unmistakable fear and the inability, for the life of you, to look away. But that’s until you learn the tricks of the trade, according to dating (and sex) expert Tracey Cox. Review by Faraaz Mahomed… ‘Superflirt’ is one