Meeting Claudia Henkel, Miss South Africa 2004
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Last Thursday I was invited to a LG launch for a cool new cellphone at the Fashion Cafe in Sandton City, close to the back of the MichelAngelo. Now I’ve always heard about this joint but never been there before. Its a damn classy joint. And the women are awesome. The music is great and

A Hot Mom after Mother’s Day
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I’ve dated two women who had children. The first one in particular was a “hot mom” and as a tribute to her I’m posting a cool video clip I found on Goolge Video about a new movement called the Hot Mom’s Club. Jessica Denay is also the author of a new book, The Hot Mom’s

Jump Around Shopping
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My friends over at Jump has launched South Africa’s first shopping search engine. I must say I’m really impressed that this is the product of two guys. Very dedicated and very geeky because anyone who reads Seth Godin (like me) is a little geeky. Well the geeks will rule the world, as Bill Gates has

Meeting More Single People in a Natural Way
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I’ve been more and more frustrated not meeting as many new women as I would like. Recently went to a Portugese Festival here in Johannesburg called Lusito Land and there must have been at least 5000 people there. And suffice it to say I made about two good approaches and one that sucked because she