Today I attended my 2nd Star Trek minicon in Johannesburg, South Africa. The minicon is hosted annually by Science Fiction South Africa. I’ve been a memeber since 2004 and attended a few of their events. Its a small group and the people are very friendly and on the shy, introverted side of life. That’s to be expected for the characters of these shows (except for the leader/Captain) in most cases tend to be shy, intellectual, scienctific types. I used to be shy in high school. And that really meant I was suppressing the true me. Or that I was not being true to myself. The Myers-Briggs typology test taught me that introversion just means you work best alone and you’re drained when you’re spending time with lots of people. I have discovered that I am more of an extrovert and I am operating at my peak interacting with groups of people. When I’m alone all day I can get depressed. And the best remedy here is to go to the shop and buy some bread or milk.