Ten years of internet market watching: what it tells us about the future:

Arthur’s presentation was entertaining and filled with wit as I’ve come to know him over the last three years. One of the most prominent industry commentators and well respected for his in-depth research for the last 10 years into the growth of the Internet sector. Starting with Univac launch in 1949. After explosive growth in the mid to late 1990s of Internet users, the growth has slowed down to below 10% year-on-year. By end of 2005 there was 3.6 million Internet users and by end of 2006, he expects about 200,000 broadband users. In this market segment ADSL rules the roost and the wireless broadband providers do not provide a viable alternative because they are still very, very expensive.

Get a copy of Arthur Goldstuck’s latest book, Hitchhikers Guide to Going Wireless, published November 2005. And also checkout his Mobility 2006 Conference taking place on 14 September 2006.