This presentation was very funny because of a mime in the back of the room which demonstrated all sorts of funny body movements as the presentation got underway.

Sajeed Sacranie, CEO of Virgin Mobile South Africa, is an African by birth, background and preference. Born in Malawi, he spent his formative years there and because of his cosmopolitan background, is equally at home in Europe, Asia and the Middle East. He describes himself as multinational and multicultural and was appointed at CEO of Virgin Mobile in March 2006. Virgin Mobile officially launched on 24 June 2006 and is South Africa’s newest and most ambitions mobile phone player. Richard Branson wanted to offer South Africans more choice and bring in some competition in the mobile market. Virgin has accused existing mobile service providers of cheating consumers through permanent billing and thus resisting “mobile portability” as they are seen by many as “fat cats” that only get fatter. In order to attract more consumers, Sajeed appealed that the legislative environment needs to permit more competitive market behaviour. In conclusion, the arguments presented forward by the new kid on the block Virgin Mobile is that, there is a need to do away with the concentration of ownership and monopoly in the markets to allow new entrance and thus more choice to consumers. Hip-hip hooray!

Checkout this awesome Virgin Mobile tv ad that’s been causing a rucus among conversative Christian groups in South Africa.