Lessons from Talladega Nights for Guys

Tonight I watched Talladega Nights: The Ballad of Ricky Bobby, a new Will Ferrell movie. I really enjoy his films because its movies for guys, with humour for guys. And it was hilarious, on par with Anchorman. Will Ferrell’s dry Read More →

China moves toward "real name system" for Blogging

I’m facinated how China is regulating the Internet. There is a lot of critics and companies like Google and Yahoo have been roasted over the coals for how they co-operate with the Chinese government. I do believe they are doing Read More →

Mobile Bereaucracy!

Trapped in the democratic bureaucracy-thats the best word to define the state on MNP in the mobile industry in South Africa, early mid last month when Mr. Paris Mashile made a presentation at Mobility Conference it emerged as if ICASA Read More →

New version ClamWin Free Antivirus

I’ve been using ClamWin, an open-source and free antivirus program for about two years now. Its is absolutely the best open source product I’ve ever used (next to Mozilla Firefox). When my original Norton Antivirus expired and they wanted me Read More →

Microsoft Internet Explorer 7 available

The browser wars are here again! I’ve been on the Internet since 1993 and its amazing to see that we can still get excited when a new web browser version is released. When the Netscape browser was killed by Microsoft Read More →

Big News Google Buys Youtube for $1.6 billion

I’ve been a user of Google Video and Youtube for several months now. Maybe I am fortunate here in South Africa because I’ve had an ADSL link for more then 2 years and I recently got a Wifi networking going. Read More →