Lessons from Talladega Nights for Guys

Will Ferrell in Talladega Night: the Ballad of Ricky BobbyTonight I watched Talladega Nights: The Ballad of Ricky Bobby, a new Will Ferrell movie. I really enjoy his films because its movies for guys, with humour for guys. And it was hilarious, on par with Anchorman. Will Ferrell’s dry humour is not for everybody but the physical comedy makes up for that.

Now this movie has a very important message for guys who grew up without a dad, like me. With divorce rates consistently around 50% even more boys will grow up without their fathers in the future. In the story Will Ferrell’s character grows up obsessed with speed and racing. In fact he was born in the backseat of he’s dad’s car, as he’s dad was rushing her to the hospital.

He’s dad disappears and then reappears in school on a career day. The attitude of his dad is a can-do attitude, a overly confident, no bullshit kind of dad. Love him or hate him. Eventually Ricky Bobby gets into Nascar racing and becomes the #1 driver for his team and wins consistently. Part of his drive comes from a statement he’s dad made on career day, “if you’re not winning you’re loosing…

This serves him well until he’s confronted with some real competition in the form of a French Formula-1 driver, played by Sascha Baron Cohen. Ricky Bobby gets into the worst accident of his career and eventually ends up in physical therapy because he believes he is paralyzed in his legs. Turns out its all in his head or as the experts call it, a psychosomatic condition. Well a lot of funny things happen and eventually he and his kids moves back in with his mother. He’s dad shows up and gives him just the right kind of tough love.

So many guys do not know how to overcome fear. And they do not know how to build up their courage so that they can face their fears. The problem comes in that if you never had a strong male role model or didn’t play any team sports it will be very difficult for you to overcome your inner demons.

So go and watch this movie: Talladega Night at Nu Metro or Ster Kinekor.  Let me know what you think if you’ve watched this movie.


China moves toward "real name system" for Blogging

I’m facinated how China is regulating the Internet. There is a lot of critics and companies like Google and Yahoo have been roasted over the coals for how they co-operate with the Chinese government. I do believe they are doing right when you consider a staggering 446.7% growth from 2000 to 2006. I can’t even begin to comprehend this kind of growth living in South Africa. The future of the Internet and the Web is all about user generated content. And blogging is the perfect way to allow that. Now in a new article China is moving toward a “real name” system. This will be perceived by the West as controlling or limiting the expression of bloggers. When you are dealing with such a vast number of people in China, its understandble for me to regular and create some boundaries for online usage. What do you think about this article?


Mobile Bereaucracy!

Trapped in the democratic bureaucracy-thats the best word to define the state on MNP in the mobile industry in South Africa, early mid last month when Mr. Paris Mashile made a presentation at Mobility Conference it emerged as if ICASA is ahead of the project, still ICASA was playing hard game. The regulator become aware of the whole MNP project since 2003 but there has never been an active engagement on their part neither was there any move to investigate the project. In recent days Mr. Mashile made an argument that November 10 is the final of the final deadline. But the question to be asked is, has enough time being given to mobile operators ? The answear is Yes and No. There is far too much bereaucracy in ICASA than any where, lets get our thoughts together, technology doesn’t appreciate that, the ease with which these technologies are moving is too much!


New version ClamWin Free Antivirus

I’ve been using ClamWin, an open-source and free antivirus program for about two years now. Its is absolutely the best open source product I’ve ever used (next to Mozilla Firefox). When my original Norton Antivirus expired and they wanted me to pay in excess of US$50 to renew, I decided to look elsewhere. And to me, this product, ClamWin, proves the open source model works, and the quality of the products either match or exceed their counterparts. So I highly recommend this software which integrates with Microsoft Outlook, and runs on WindowsXP like a bomb! Download ClamWin 0.88.5 here.


Microsoft Internet Explorer 7 available

The browser wars are here again! I’ve been on the Internet since 1993 and its amazing to see that we can still get excited when a new web browser version is released. When the Netscape browser was killed by Microsoft it seemed like the end. Well Firefox has slowly but surely been increasing its market share according to OneStat.Will Microsoft’s new browser change this? Maybe.

Microsoft has finally released its final version of Internet Explorer 7. I’ve been running the last beta version for a while and silly things happend. Like when I open new tabs it would crash and close down completely. You can download IE7 here.

Before you download it I recommend you read the full review from PC World here. My personal choice of Web browser is Mozilla Firefox 2 which has superior security and productivity features.


Big News Google Buys Youtube for $1.6 billion

I’ve been a user of Google Video and Youtube for several months now. Maybe I am fortunate here in South Africa because I’ve had an ADSL link for more then 2 years and I recently got a Wifi networking going. So I’m surfing the net all the time for cool things. A big distraction is video content. You don’t have to read much, and the images actually move around 😉 How entertaining is this? Well very, very, very entertaining and extremely addictive.

In a news report on The Register, a leading UK technology news website, Mark Cuban ridiculed the Google/Youtube deal. I think the concerns about copyrighted video content will soon evaporate. Google has a knack for working around this, and they are good negotiators. Can anyone see a link between Dr. Eric Schmidt, Google CEO sitting on the Apple board with this?


Would you rather be Steve Jobs or Bill Gates?

Steve Jobs & Bill GatesI would rather be Steve Jobs because he’s so much cooler, so much happier, so much more inspiring. He’s Harvard University commencement address I wrote about here, is one of the deepest messages I’ve ever read and the way that Jobs described his life into three concicse lessons is powerfull and potent. One some websites about the Meyers-Briggs Personality Type Indicator, ENTP (mine), Steve Jobs is listed as a famous example of this.

In the blog where I read this the famous Apple “Think Different” commercial was displayed. For some reason I cannot embed these video clips in my blog so you have to click through to YouTube to view it here. And read the full history here of this incredibly powerful message sent to me back in 1999 because the person thought I was described by these words. I will never forget this.
Anyway there’s a great article about Steve Jobs vs. Bill Gates here.


Free Hug Campaign

Jeanette Maw Goog Vibes CoachI received an email out of the blue from a life coach, Jeannette Maw, I contacted last year when I was going through an introspective period. Her core teaching is the Law of Attraction, a universal law that is the way the universe operates whether we believe it or not. And only now am I starting to tap into this myself. So many of my projects I’ve wanted to start-up is now happening because I have the financial resources and people to assist me achieve my goals. I try to find ways of adding value to their lives as a first step before I expect any opportunities to come my way.

Well one of the things I do when I meet a woman for the first time is give her a hug. I politely decline to shake hands in most cases. And I’ve never been “rejected” when I suggested a hug instead of a handshake (too business like for my liking). Well you will love this Free Hug Campaign video clip on Youtube. Let me know how often you give or receive hugs in a typical week.


Queue no more

Ronnie Apteker must be one of the most humble millionaires I personally know. He was the founder of Internet Solution with a few other guys back in 1993. This was also the first company I worked for in 1997 when I moved to Joburg. And I still have a strong connection with them. He writes a regular column for the Business Report (IOL) online and last Friday mentioned a mobile ordering and payment service in America, Mobo. Now in this column he does not even mentioned that his company was testing the same kind of thing in a famous experiment in the late 1990s where you could use your cellphone to order a coke from a vending machine! Here in South Africa we have some technical geniuses and we don’t always understand that we can indeed compete with the best in the world…

Remember to checkout Mobo’s website here. This is an idea who’s time has arrived even in South Africa!