Jeanette Maw Goog Vibes CoachI received an email out of the blue from a life coach, Jeannette Maw, I contacted last year when I was going through an introspective period. Her core teaching is the Law of Attraction, a universal law that is the way the universe operates whether we believe it or not. And only now am I starting to tap into this myself. So many of my projects I’ve wanted to start-up is now happening because I have the financial resources and people to assist me achieve my goals. I try to find ways of adding value to their lives as a first step before I expect any opportunities to come my way.

Well one of the things I do when I meet a woman for the first time is give her a hug. I politely decline to shake hands in most cases. And I’ve never been “rejected” when I suggested a hug instead of a handshake (too business like for my liking). Well you will love this Free Hug Campaign video clip on Youtube. Let me know how often you give or receive hugs in a typical week.