The idea behind Broadband is mainly to open doors for inclusive access- where anyone can play on a fair and none discriminatory, while promoting ensure fair trade. Open Access Networks is one of the few community driven success story. An attempt to ‘level the playing field’ and stimulated competition as a means to promote greater creativity and innovation. Open Access has played a greater role towards participatory democracy or what those Roelf Diedericks Technical Director at Neology called “networking democracy”. Critiques will agree as well that apart from these good philosophies, such plans will promote new entrants of smaller players to survive thus creating employment. These social obligation is at the heart of Neology ‘s plan. But is it feasible ?

Well that is a question everybody asked before, for now it is evident that progress has been made over and above. By looking at Neology’s Infrastructure layer as a third component on its three Open Access layers, success is achievable and indeed some victories have been made. Neology offers competitive Municipal Wifi seen by Google and Microsoft as ‘viable’. However, it is essential on the part of the government to ensure that regulations seek to promote ,not restrict, access.

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