Cyber Inspectors appointed by Film Publications Board

The Film and Publications Board has finally appointed two cyber inspectors. Specifically they will be investigate and respond to complaints logged with the anti-child pornography hotline (0800 148 148). Recently I spoke to the CEO, Shokie Bopape-Dlomo, telling her about my Parents Guide to MXit, my background in IT Security. As you know the wheels of government turn very slowly and it’ll take to long to engage with them formally. So I’ll just keep going with my initiative to raise awareness directly of this Online Safety Action Campaign.

In the mean time go and read the full article on ITWeb.


John Demartini’s Breakthrough Experience

Ramon Thomas and John DemartiniThis weekend I attended the most incredible event of my life: Dr John Demartini’s Breakthrough Experience seminar. And I learned the most powerful transformation tool, his Demartini method; also called the Quantum Collapse process. John Demartini is a international speaker, author, trainer and consultant. He has written over 25 books and is a chiropractor by training. The amazing thing is that he is an expert on over 220 fields ranging from quantum physics, dentistry, speed reading, psychology, etc, etc. And I first came across him on the excellent and free video interview on Conscious Media Network here. His ability to synthesize it all has a profound transformative effect on my personal development.
As a long time student of physics and quantum physics myself I appreciated his powerful summary of how the universe relates to the quantum world and how this in turn relates to the human experience. In short the human experience is filled with duality based on religion, society, philosophy, morals and ethics. What I mean is they teach is good vs. bad, white vs. black (chess), religion vs. religion, man vs. woman. And for we should strive for the good and suppress the bad. This is not possible. As example within the Catholic Church you find the highest incidence of pedophilia. When you suppress sexual urges which is a normal part of Maslow’s hierarchy of human needs, in fact one of the most basic, it comes out in another form somewhere. We cannot escape it, ever.

Breakthrough Experience by John Demartini
At the core of the Breakthrough Experience is the Demartini method which is a series of quality questions. I found this very difficult at first. As I got into it the feelings on the extreme started to collapse and what is left is gratitude and unconditional love. This sounds new age or spiritual but its not. Completely grounded in quantum physics and the universal laws I have never encountered someone with such a fast understanding life, the universe and everything else.

The seminar cost me R5000 which I paid for with my credit card. Its was like they say, something I could not afford NOT to attend. And the ground people somewhere between 5-75 people was sufficiently interactive to really makes this a great experience. Download and listen to a free podcast interview with Dr John Demartini here.

For more detailed information please visit Dr John Demartini’s official website here.


How To Social Networking – Introductions

Social networking is a way of interacting with people whereby you actively establish relationships with people you meet. You never know what you could do for them or what they could do for you. So you exchange business cards or contact details. One of the first things I do when I’ve met someone is finding out what they do and where they are going in their career or life. Then I think about who else I know that is on a similar journey and how they could assist this person I’ve just met.

So yesterday I attended a function at Grace Bible Church is Soweto hosted by the Business Women’s Association. The occasion was the first state visit by the new Governor General of Canada, Her Excellency, the Right Honorable Michaëlle Jean. My friend Israel Noko, a Canadian Trade Commissioner had invited me to attend this special event. Well at the table where I sat there were of course a number of women. One friendly lady started introducing herself to everyone else, and I followed suit. What happened was simple. As I listened to people’s stories about what they do, why they were at this event, I started to think of how I could assist them to do three things:

  1. reduce or remove dangers
  2. grasp their opportunities
  3. reinforce their strengths

And the outcome was spectacular at least one lady said out load to the rest that my introducing her to one of the other guests, Ory Okolloh, another famous blogger at the Kenyan Pundit blog, who happens to be working for Enablis, the Canadian Entrepreneurial Network. And I introduced people to each other I ensure that they understand what the one needs and what the other is able to provide. And by doing this on a continuous bases you will also gain because people will trust you a whole lot quicker. And they will look for ways to return the favour.


Protecting Your Kids from Cyber-Predators

In America the website MySpace is having a similar impact to MXit in South Africa. In fact its amusing to me both start with “M” 😉 Anyway I will be drawing more and more comparisons between MySpace and MXit going forward. As I keep saying none of these issues are new and originated on the Internet. Software like MXit and GRPS technology essentially connects your cellphone to the Internet and blurs the definition of what it means to “online.”

Please read this article on Protecting Your Kids from Cyber-Predators on Business Week website from December 2005. The one part where the mother signed up for a MySpace profile and added her daughter as a friend is exactly what parents in South Africa should do: You should sign-up with MXit, add your children as Contacts and monitor when they are offline and go online. This is the first thing you should do.

Please take a moment and watch this short documentary 10 minute documentary on MySpace:[kml_flashembed movie=”” width=”425″ height=”350″ wmode=”transparent” /]