Cyber Inspectors appointed by Film Publications Board
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The Film and Publications Board has finally appointed two cyber inspectors. Specifically they will be investigate and respond to complaints logged with the anti-child pornography hotline (0800 148 148). Recently I spoke to the CEO, Shokie Bopape-Dlomo, telling her about my Parents Guide to MXit, my background in IT Security. As you know the wheels

John Demartini’s Breakthrough Experience
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This weekend I attended the most incredible event of my life: Dr John Demartini’s Breakthrough Experience seminar. And I learned the most powerful transformation tool, his Demartini method; also called the Quantum Collapse process. John Demartini is a international speaker, author, trainer and consultant. He has written over 25 books and is a chiropractor by

How To Social Networking – Introductions
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Social networking is a way of interacting with people whereby you actively establish relationships with people you meet. You never know what you could do for them or what they could do for you. So you exchange business cards or contact details. One of the first things I do when I’ve met someone is finding

Protecting Your Kids from Cyber-Predators
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In America the website MySpace is having a similar impact to MXit in South Africa. In fact its amusing to me both start with “M” 😉 Anyway I will be drawing more and more comparisons between MySpace and MXit going forward. As I keep saying none of these issues are new and originated on the