Summary of the first Internet Cafe workshop
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Thank you very much for attending our first workshop on Saturday, 24th March. This e-mail is a summary of what was discussed and some suggestions on the next steps for you to consider. If you have your deposit and a venue contact Terry to place your order on (011) 8346755 contact Ramon Thomas. The aim

Shirley, Goodness and Mercy at Market Theatre
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On Saturday, 23 March, I was blessed to attend the stage production of Shirley, Goodness and Mercy by my friend and author Chris van Wyk. Acclaimed director Janice Honeyman adapted and directed the play. There was some tension in the air as most of the people audience was made up of people from Riverlea, a

First Internet Cafe SME workshop and industry portal launched
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A black empowered joint venture is hosting the first workshop for people who wish to start an Internet Cafe as a small business this weekend. And a new industry portal is being launched at the same time. 22 March 2007 (Johannesburg): The Internet Cafe industry is set for a boom between now and 2010.

How to Increase Your Online Profile with LinkedIn
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LinkedIn is a very popular business social networking website. The primary aim of LinkedIn is to help you connect with other professionals directly within our own country and worldwide. It now have over 9 million registered users. South Africa currently has 24800 users and I’ve just entered the top 5. This is up from #8

Awareness and Education needed to grow cellphone banking
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People who are regular users of the Internet often assume others understand why it is significant. So it goes for people who are heavy users of cellphones, they often assume everyone else should by default understand how easy it is, how cheap it is, and how convenient it is to use. Internet banking has been

How to take control of your online profile
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Have ever searched your own name on Google? I do it all the time and the results have become very familiar to me. When you search for “Ramon Thomas” on this is what you will see: 1st position is this blog 3rd position is my company website 4th position is my

Touching the tip of this finger with the tip of this finger
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There is something unique about this book but what it is I cannot say. It reminds me of of Zen Koan. And it also reminds me of the philosophy espoused by Osho and Alan Watts to a lesser extent. Really just questioning existence, conciousness and belief. This is the kind of book that really makes

Invitation to Internet Cafe workshop
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At iWeek 2004 I delivered a ground breaking presentation: “The State of the Internet Cafe industry in South Africa.” Since that time I’ve received numerous queries from people who want to set-up cyber cafes and I’ve not always had my ducks in a row. However, I’ve continued to gather information on this topic and consulted

Teens Fighting Back Online against Predators and Scams
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Over 20,000 Teens Fight Back Against Cyber-Attacks as Part of Online Community Habbo’s Safety Awareness Month 86% of Teens Say They Have Discussed Online Safety With Their Parents, while over 51% Say They Visit Chat Rooms at Least Once Every Day LOS ANGELES–(BUSINESS WIRE)–, one of the world’s largest and most popular online communities for

Rich spend more time online
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Being rich not only gets you the best cars, houses, luxuries, clothes, health care, insurance, entertainment, you also get more out of using the Internet. To put it bluntly when you are wealthier you tend to be more educated and therefore have a more specific reason for using the Internet. And some new research by