Psychologies Workshop: Marc Kahn on Emotional Intelligence
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This past Saturday I attended the first ever Psychologies Magazine Readers’ Workshop at the beautiful and picturesque Groot Constantia. I had only picked up one copy of this magazine and enjoyed most of it. It’s exactly my cup of tea. One thing bothered me though was that this magazine is aimed at women. And I

The Impact of Social Networking on the Value of Information
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Last week I was invited to present a lecture at the University of Johannesburg by the Department of Information & Knowledge Management where I am an alumni as well as currently registered for my Masters degree in Information Science. Contact Andrea Ferreira if you would to be added to their list for similar seminars held

Robert Bly explains the way to meet the Wild Man aka Iron John
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This book is a must read for any man living in the world today. And for any mother who wants to know what to do with her son, most especially if she is raising him as a single mother. This strikes a real cord with me because I grew up with a single mother ?

Ugly Betty now in South Africa is an Ugly Role Model
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Driving around Johannesburg I’ve noticed several huge billboards advertising the new show on M-NET, Ugly Betty. The reviews are all positive in the South African media like this one by Tashi Tagg. And this is to be expected because we live in a politically correct country or some would say world. Now I have not

Digital Citizens Indaba 2007 announced at Rhodes University
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My friend Henry Addo notified me of this event via the African Bloggers Group. The Digital Citizens Indaba, which is a Blogging Conference, will take place again this year from 9-11 September 2007. Last year I was a speaker at last year’s event. There was a lot of talk about blogging being used to for

Freek Robinson offers tips for successful interviews with Media
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Marketingweb posted an excellent summary of points by Freek Robinson, a long time television presenter in South Africa. He gives the following excellent tips on how to conduct yourself during and interview. And I found this particularly useful as the frequency of my radio and television interviews are consistent and as new projects come about

Self-promotion interview with Damaria Senne
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You may be interested in this is an interview I did with journalist and blogger Damaria Senne about self promotion and building your own profile. A friend of mine once suggested that I offer this as a service to clients. So if you want to obliterate your competition and position yourself as an expert in

The Attention Age Doctrine
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This is a speech I gave last night for my Toastmasters club… I only had my first girlfriend when I got to university, after high school. So I was a bit of slow starter back then. Every weekend I would rely on my best friend and neighbour to give me a lift to and from

Lessons from Steve Jobs on making a excellent pitch in your Presentation
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Today I learnt via the TED Blog about a great column on Steve Jobs’ presentations skills. The basics of it include the following factors: Building tension Stick to one theme per slide Add pizazz to your delivery Practise Be honest and show enthusiasm Go directly to the Business Week column here. And you can watch

Joke of the Day: The Husband and the Coke machine
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A man and his wife are in court getting a divorce. The problem is who should get custody of the child. The wife jumps up and says: “Your Honour, I brought the child into the world with pain and labour. She should be in my custody.” The judge turns to the husband and says, “What