Sexpo 2007 Workshop Schedule

DAY 3 (Saturday, 29 September)

  • 11:30 – 1:00 The Secret DVD viewing
  • 1:15 – 2:15 Learn How to Pole Dance presented by BodyMind Studios
  • 2:30 – 3:30 Sex Toys 101 presented by Lola Montez
  • 3:45 – 5:15 Tantric Workshop presented by Jonti Searll
  • 5:30 – 6:30 Datability: Would You Date You? presented by SMARTdate and Ramon Thomas
  • 6:45 – 8:15 Sensual Massage – Talk and Demo presented by Jonti Searll 8:30 – 9:30 Sex Toy Overview presented by Matildas
  • 9:45 – 10:45 Learn How to Lap Dance presented by BodyMind Studios

DAY 4 (Sunday, 30 September)

  • 11:30 – 1:00 The Secret DVD viewing
  • 1:15 – 2:15 Sex Toy Overview presented by Matildas
  • 2:30 – 3:30 G-spot and Female Ejaculation presented by Jonti Searll 3:45 – 4:45
  • Learn How to Pole Dance presented by BodyMind Studios 5:00 – 6:00 Awakening the Erotic Spirit presented by Jonti Searll 6:15 – 7:15
  • Sex Toys 101 presented by Lola Montez
  • 7:30 – 8:30 Datability: Would You Date You? presented by SMARTdate and Ramon Thomas

This is the first time in South Africa any of the dating agencies is teaming up with a dating expert to improve the results their clients obtain from using their services. Worldwide this is the great value being added by such relationships.


Dr John Demartini interviewed by Alan Steinfeld

John Demartini is back in South Africa for a series of talks and seminars. Here’s some of the details:

Public Talks: Access Your Power

  • Johannesburg: Thursday, 22 September – Montecasino, Il Grande Theatre
  • Cape Town: Wednesday 26 September – Arabella Sheraton Hotel, Ballroom
  • Durban: 3 October – Elangeni Hotel, Great Elanga

Time: Registration 7pm; Talk 7h30pm-9pm.
Cost R90 @ Book through Computicket or R100 at the door. Seats limited.

You can read my own review of his 2-day Breakthrough Experience seminar I attended in December 2006.

Anyway here’s an awesome 30 minute interview with Alan Steinfeld, host of New Realities


Reflections on 2007 Digital Citizens Indaba

It’s been a week after the 2nd annual DCI event in Grahamstown. This event is a sidekick to the much larger and more established conference Highway Africa. As with all these types of events it’s layered with good intentions. However, the practical side of it sometimes leaves much room for improvement. The highlights were certainly the keynote by Ndesanjo Macha and my friend Daudie Were. During the later sessions Vincent Maher delivered the geekiest presentation I’ve ever seen at a conference. And he’s well on his way to becoming everyone’s favourite geek in South Africa.

There was some miscommunication between DCI organisers and Highway Africa as they initially asked me to conduct some workshop with DCI delegates. I could not track down anyone from Highway Africa to confirm it but based on the programme I realised it was not worth the effort. I had so much more to share with the delegates. My own talk was more aimed at inspiring bloggers to think beyond just writing and specifically how blogging can bolster their careers. Much of the investment is upfront and the pay-off is over the longer term. There are excellent online role models emerging in South Africa with the likes of Laurian Clemence, who spoke with me on the Moneytising and Marketing panel, launching her Wibble project recently.

What I would like to see more of in the future:

  1. Better planning of the sessions – there were some hiccups later in the day and the timing was consistent between breaks. Maybe the lunch venue can be in the same place as the conference venue because there was time lost walking to the lunch venue.
  2. Quality control on presentation – while most speakers were awesome there was not sufficient glue tying things together. I’ve noticed this is symptomatic of conferences i.e. the program directors are not checking the contents of the presentations or taking a few minutes to discuss with the speakers what exactly they will talk about. Just doing this one thing can take the quality of what delegates get out of this to the next level.
  3. Interaction between speakers – it would help if the speakers are able to have a dinner the evening before the event to discuss their topics and create more synergy.

Podcast – Jeremy Maggs interview on SAFM

This was one of the best interviews I’ve done on the topic of Facebook and MXit ever. Also interviewed with me was Lynne Cawood, director of Childline Gauteng and Steven Ambrose, director of World Wide Worx Strategy.

The interview was for a almost an hour on the After 8 Debate, a segment of the morning show on SAFM, hosted by Jeremy Maggs.

Download the SAFM interview here (size 19MB, length 53 mins).


How To Win Friends in the 21st century

How To Win Friends And Influence People classic book by Dale CarnegieThis section is based on the famous Dale Carnegie book, although I’m not going to give you the advice from his book because it is outdated when you consider the tremendous changes in society over the last 30 years, especially since the feminist revolution.

So many people who reach 30+ complain that all their friends are married or in long term relationships. And so they do not have anyone to hang out with or go out to party with. This leads to them exploring things like speed dating and other types of matchmaking services in an attempt to expand their social circle.

The fundamental thing that bonds people together is common interest. And in most cases you are friends with people who are more like you than unlike you. So this is where you would start to explore how to make new friends. What you have to start doing is to explore friendships with people based on the activities you participate in. So for example of you are a gym freak, and you spend 4 or more days per week at your local gym, it’s a good idea for you to start conversations with people who hang out at your gym. From there you can start building rapport over time.

Now how do you actually form friendships, especially if you have been single, for a long time. You simply start inviting people to join you out on other activities. You do not have to anything complicated but say for example you are having a braai at your place. This is the perfect time and place to invite new friends who can meet each other or existing friends. You have to remember that it does take some effort to get to know people. So you must be sure to make the barriers of entry as low as possible. So don’t even suggest a bring-n-braai instead buy everything and ask them to bring along their favourite drink.

One guy had this crazy way of making friends with women where he would invite them all out for drinks. They end up competing for his attention and this very healthy kind of attention is what creates rapport between people.

From Dale Carnergie here’s a few more specific tips:

Ways to Make People Like You:

  • Become genuinely interested in other people and smile
  • Remember that a man’s name is to him the sweetest and most important sound in any language.”
  • Be a good listener. Encourage others to talk about themselves.
  • Talk in the terms of the other person’s interest.
  • Make the other person feel important and do it sincerely.

Something else I like to do for my friends is to send them information about things they are interested in via email. And whenever I meet up with them we start sharing stories about what’s happened in our lives. I ensure that we speak more about what’s happened in their lives than my own. It’s impossible not to talk about myself because inevitably they will ask me the same questions I’ve asked them. You can also use websites like Facebook to connect with old friends and new ones.


'No Mobile Phones for Teens at Home, Campus' – Minister

The Indian government is reflecting a real threat to long term cognitive abilities of children growing up in a world whee there has always been cellphones, computers and the Internet. If you are serious about doing something talk to your counsellor or politicians about similar legislation. Technology companies will freak out about this because they are in some warped way the new tobacco companies. And we all know what happened with them. Here’s the story…

Bangalore, Sep 12: After banning sale of soft drinks on school and college premises, the State Government is now all set to ban use of mobile phones by children up to 16 years of age. While teachers and heads of educational institutions would be authorised to confiscate mobile phones if students from primary to pre-university education were found using it, the onus would be on parents to enforce it at home.

The decision had been taken on the basis of suggestions from medical experts on adverse impact of using mobile phones on children, Primary and Secondary Education Minister Basavaraj Horatti and Health Minister R Ashok told media persons at a joint media conference here on Tuesday.

Use of mobile phones by growing children for long durations have an adverse impact on brain, nervous system and ear. We have taken this decision on the advice from paediatricians. A circular will be issued in this regard within a few days. Parents play an important role in enforcing this ban in the interest of their own children,?? the ministers said.

Comprehensive guidelines for the ban would be formulated in consultation with law department. Action would be taken against even mobile phone dealers who sell the instruments to children below 16 years of age. All the special packages of mobile service providers would be scrapped, Ashok declared.

As for enforcement of the ban outside the educational institutions, the ministers said, We will examine whether to authorise the police department to enforce it.

Apart from the health perspective, the action would also help in ensuring a more congenial atmosphere for learning in class rooms, especially in urban areas, they said. An extensive campaign through posters and other media would be launched to bring awareness about the harmful effects of mobile phones on children?s health, they added.

source: DaijiWorld.


Mitch Hedberg RIP

Ever heard of Mitch Hedberg? My friend Chris van Wyk recently brought him to my attention. What an awesome comedic talent. He’s jokes are so arb you cannot help yourself laughing your ass off. In fact he comes across as someone who’s permanently high because his delivery is so laid back. It’s refreshing to have clean humour where no vulgarity is used while still being hilarious. From watching so much comedy it just seems that most stand-up comedians or movies rely on toiler humour or sex talk to get a laugh. Mitch Hedberg was something else. Sadly he passed away in 2005 just before his first HBO special.

See for yourself in this clip. And I encourage you checkout more of him on Youtube.


Blog your way to Being an Expert

This is a summary of the talk and presentation that I delivered at the 2nd annual Digital Citizens Indaba on the Marketing and Monetising panel. My fellow presenters were Laurian Clemence and Matthew Buckland.

I started out telling the story of how I attended the 1st DCI conference last year, met Emeka Okafor, and ended up being awarded a TED Global Fellowship. It’s very difficult to place a monetary value on the experience gained from this event. Simply put the money for my travel, accommodation and conference fees are approximately US$10,000 or more.

Next I showcased my personal development blog, some of the structural elements like the Aweber email subscription form, the TAG cloud, the notable plugin that allows readers to submit my blog postings to Digg, Reddit and other social bookmarking websites. Inside the WordPress Dashboard I pointed out the growing list of incoming links from Blogrolls as the quality of articles has increased over time. There is a direct correlation between this narrowing of my focus, writing more original content, and the increase in traffic I’ve experienced since January 2007.

Next I showed how easy it is to include your blog’s RSS feed into your Facebook profile. There is a regular amount of traffic coming from Facebook users and I’m looking into merging my feeds using Yahoo! Pipes so that I can get even more exposure through Facebook. My LinkedIn profile brings high quality traffic to my this blog.

Next I displayed a awesome graph and quoted some research on a blog entry about how to become an expert. The essence of this is that you need to have persistence and specifically look to continuously improve what you do to set you apart from the drop-outs and the amateurs in your industry. The best example of this Steve Pavlina’s blog and I highly recommend the two articles: Confessions of an A-list blogger and How to make money from your blog, as well as all his podcasts.

5 Steps to becoming an Expert

  • Choose Your Topic (Niche) – it’s very important to differentiate your blog from others in your industry. So spend time using Google Blogsearch or Technorati to checkout your competition.?
  • Read Books – According to Dr John Demartini if you read 72-85 books on one topic it’s the equivalent of completing a Ph.D on that topic.
  • Interview Experts/People – By interviewing experts you can learn from them and also get to know them personally as people.
  • Participate > Online Discussions – It’s very important to go and find where your people are having online discussions and contribute to those. Start with forums, they have been around since before blogs became the rage and some are exceptionally influential.
  • Write Articles Not Blogs – What can I say. This is a must read by Jakob Nielsen.
      Download the presentation from here:

Ansbert Ngurumo on blogging in Kiswahili

Ansbert Ngurumo spoke about blogging in Kiswahili in the Fractured Identities session of the Digital Citizens Indaba 2007. This was in some respects one of the most inspiring talks for me because it is in sync with my own views that one of the best solutions to reducing the digital divide is translation of software and websites into indigenous languages like Kiswahili.

Here’s my podcast interview with Ansbert using my Sony Ericsson w880i:


Daudi Were on Blogging and Democracy

My friend Daudi Were spoke in the Fractured Identities session of the 2007 Digital Citizens Indaba. We first met last year at the DCI and also at TED Global in Tanzania. Daudi is currently organising a African Bloggers conference to be held in Kenya in April/June 2007.